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Saturday, July 23, 2005

I want my wool!!!

I just got an e-mail from Knitter's Bazaar. See, they post on their site that 90% of orders are sent out within 3 days. They never say how long about it takes to get the stuff to you. Well, a week later, I sent them an e-mail asking where my wool was. They said that it takes 2 weeks (!!!) to get through customs!! TWO WEEKS!!! Why does it take that long to get two measly skeins of wool through customs? And why didn't they tell me this when I ordered it? UGGG!! I WANT MY WOOL!!! I am knitting this shawl, and ran out less than 20 frigging rows from the end. And for some reason, noone of the friggin planet has the color I need! Not even the manufactureres of the wool. Granted, I can't read Norweigin and maybe they only didn't mention in in the English pages, but still!! So I finaly found it at Knitter's Bazaar in Canada. And I am in Tucson (that's Arizona in the United States, assuming anyone not from around here reads this and isn't up on their geography). Hmm...customs did just find a tunnel crossing the border up there. Maybe that is why it is taking so long. Customs officials found the yarn smuggling tunnel. This is why you always have TWO!! Because knitters are impatient folk and go into withdrawl easily. So building a tunnel to smuggle in their yarn would be a good thing. And since it apperently takes TWO FRIGGIN WEEKS for wool (!!) to clear, I can understand the need to smuggle it in illegally. Hmm..maybe that is what I will do when I get out of college to pay off my student loans, a yarn smuggling ring! Hehe, ya, no customs, no questions! Get your yarn quicker. I could have guys on street corners in trench coats, "psst, hey, lady, I got some really great stuff. Cashmire, pure. Great deal." Hehe. Ooh, better not let my dad read that, he already refers to my knitting as my "habbit" and one of the women in my knitting group as my "dealer"...


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