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Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am on Ravelry (CerridwenColleen, which is basicly my default username for any social networking site. Or, of course, my real name. I am not all that creative). Two of my friends just joined, silver_tulip, who is a knitter, and pixyxtixy, who wants to be. So, if you are on Ravelry, friend them. They need more encouragement!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Woolly Thoughts

Has anyone been to this website? I am totaly amazed and smitten.
How they describe themselves:
We are designers of mathematical knitwear. Or perhaps we are mathematical designers of knitwear. Whatever you want to call us, many of our designs are simple geometric shapes combined to make elaborate patterns. We are now best known for our collection of large-scale knit and crochet afghan and cushion designs.

I want to get the patters for Maze, and several of the other afghans. Some hurt my eyes, but they are all so very cool!!

Check them out if you haven't seen their stuff. They are UK based, so I think with current excahange you double the prices for everything (roughly $7 for each pattern).

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ribbed for her pleasure!

Does anyone else love knitting as much as I do? It looks like crap for the first 3 or 4 rows, and you think you messed up. Then, BAM, out of nowhere it all lines up and looks wonderful and you are happy!

There was this shirt I saw. It said:

Ribber for her pleasure

I wanted it, but figured noone would get it, and having to explain all the time what it was would get old fast.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
Please find enclosed my Yule Wish list. I have been a good girl this year. I haven't killed either of my brothers, despite the fact that they totaly deserved it and no jury in the world would convict. I didn't murder my father in his sleep and butcher his still warm carcass in the frount yard (I had PMS. He was being insensitive. I thought it was a creative threat.)

Not that I am materialistic or anything. I am just a littl...obsessed? No that's not the right word. What is more than obsessed?

I can't save a thumbnail to show each. But I encourage you to check them out. Very cute! There are several thousand different things at, and several are repeated. These are just my favs. :) this one I am getting. YAY!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


I just read the post from the 25th on The Yarn Harlot the blog of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee: knitter and humanitarian.

Some woman has been hateful to her. So, I want everyone to go to her blog, and comment. Tell her that American's are not these hateful people. Tell her that this vicious woman does not speak for American's. If you are a fan, tell her that.

Now, I think I am going to go to the book store and buy a new copy of her books.

This is my comment:

There are so many people in this world who you have helped and who love you. I know it hurts when someone is hateful and cruel. But just keep thinking of everyone who you meen something to. For me, you were teh first "knitting" think I found. And because of that, I joind my local Stitch 'n Bitch. This group of women have been good friends for years. I took your books with me to Africa and would read them when I had a bad day, and the dy seemed a little less bad. My dad would print up your blog entries and mail them to me. It was a 2 day trip to electricity and internet, but I would look forward to it and the first thing I would do after email was opening your blog. I got a copy of "Yarn Harlot" right before my nephews funeral (my sister was 8 months pregnant when she lost him). I read the essay about you finshing a sock for that baby, and cried and cried. ANd then felt a little better because we weren't the only family who went through that. I could go on and on about all the little things that made a big difference in my life. Hundreds of people can do that same.
We can list all the charities you've helped. All the money you've raised. All the friendships you've created. You've brought so much joy into this world. And you will be remembered for that. What will this woman be remembered for? Nothing. In a week, noone will remember she ever existed.

And remember this: obviously this person knows nothing about being American. We stand up. We support our friends. And we don't like people who matter to us to be attacked. American's have your back. Noone's got hers.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

And the clock ticks on...

Much randomness. Still job hunting. Filled out applications for a Unit Clerk position at TMC and a phone job a Geico. Hopeing to get my CNA. That should make it easier to get a job. Then save up money and get the hell out of AZ. We're really thinking of Boston. I like the schools there. Chris likes the schools there. Dan even wants to go. We can all get a house together. It'll be fun.

TAWN has been bugging us. Fall Fest is in September, and they want us to have a booth. We do every year. THis year, we most likely won't. The idea of boycotting Fall Fest this year has been discussed and approved by most everyone in the Coven. We all have different reasons, the main ones are
1-the price for an informational booth has gone up from $5 to $25. That's a huge increase, especialy since it isn't at a very good location. Usualy it is at Reid Park, which is a great place. It's a nice park. It's a nice location. It's right on a main road. This year it is at the Unitarian Church. Smaller, inside, off the road. Yes, it's on a main road, but there is a parking lot and trees between the building and the road. Less chance of walk in traffic.

2-TAWN treats us like crap. DHC was one of the founding members of TAWN. We've been around longer than anyone in town. But we're Garnderians. And whether you want to hear it or not, 90% of the pagan/wiccan community are a bunch of bigots. I have never met so many racists in my life. They insult me, call me names, treat me with such derision because of my religion! Can you believe it? And if you have the audacity to call them on such hypocracy, well then, you are judgemental and intollerant. I see no reason to be tolerant of anothers intollerance.

3-I was publicly insulted by a member of the TAWN Board. He insulted me as an official member of TAWN. I expect an official and public appology. Until that happens, I will have nothing to do with them. That's personal. But my Coven understands. Since my dad was put on moderated status on their elist for telling people that X is against the law, the law says Y, then when he told one of the board members (a different one than the one I had a problem with), the board member was told by the web moderator that my dad was taken off moderated status and the guy claimed he was never put on moderated status. Hmm...I guess all those months where his profile said "moderated" was a glitch in the system. Anyway, I have a problem with the lies, and my COven does as well.

4-They use people. They want us to do for them, but never are there when we need help. Patrick keeps asking for us to write something for Tapestry, the newsletter. But he only wants us to write what he wants us to write. They want us to be new agey, fluffy bunny lewellynites. Hate to break it to you incase you haven't figured it out but we're Gardnerians. We're educated, and we take our religion seriously. I'm not saying that non-Gards aren't and don't. I'm saying that we're asked to write drivel that will appeal to the lowest common denominator, and it needs to be ecclectic. Not going to happen.

On knitting news: I knit some flowers last night:

The pattern is from Lion Brand. I would link to it, but it's a bitch to find. It's from their "Flower of the month" thing. These are supposed to be roses.

I am also knitting a blanket for my neice. I wasn't going to post pics so far, but then realised that noone reads this

This is one of the pannels for the blanket. It is The Summer Garden Coverlet in Wool Ease. You can google the pattern. I'm making 3 different ones, for each of my neices. With any luck they will be done for christmas.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time sure flies...

Since I last updated, I have had surgery. It was the most painful experience of my life. Everyone told me "oh, don't worry. I had my gallbladder out and was up and about the next day." LIERS!!! FILTHY LIERS!!! I couldn't move without pain for more than a week. For days I needed help sitting and standing. I couldn't sleep flat. It was hell. My entier gallbladder was calicified. They said "you know how people get gallstones? Well, your gallbladder was one giant gallstone. Thank god we got it out. That could have killed you." Seriously, I should sue that ER doc at Tucson Medical Center that sent me home Christmas Day after doping me up with demoral which I hate. I didn't want it. I don't like pain meds anyway, but demoral makes me throw up and telling me nothing was wrong with me.
But I am better now. No more pain, no more nausia, no more vomiting. Who knew such a small thing could cause so much probloms.

Now, I am trying to find a job. Like everywhere, the job market in Tucson sucks. Very few people are hireing, and those that are, I am competing with people way more qualified than I am. I can't really blame the buisnesses, though I hate it. Would you hire a 26 year old who wants to go back to school? Or a 40 year old man with kids and a morgage? I will quit in a year or two to go to grad school. He will be grateful for the job and stick around as long as he has bills to pay and a family to feed. One of my friends is a manager at a fast food place. She is getting applications from people our parents age who have 20 years running an office and just got laid off. I hate the ecconomy. And this stimulus thing is a joke. Me and Tam were kinda joking about joining Americorps. Only half joking too.

On a happier note, I am knitting this blanket in Wool-Ease Rose Heather kinda a darkish pink. It is fun so far. Except I keep getting these holes in the honey comb part. It's only visable from the back, so no big deal really. Just not sure if that is a thing with this cable pattern or with how I am knitting it.