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Friday, June 29, 2007

Africa Killed My Chaco's!!

Yes. Africa is hard. Where to begin over my last 3 months? Umm...let's see...
The rains are here. It is really nice now, everything is green. I would have pictures to send, but I have no batteries for my camera. My dad has posted pics from my last memory card, not sure where yet.

The storms are a little scary though. The wind can be vicious. It blew my ceeling off!! It is now being held up with Gorilla tape and nails. Yay!!

Even with the rains it is still hot. My thermometer exploded! I am saving it.
The sole came off my Chaco's. Rodney thinks they might have melted. Tamara is going home this month, and will take them and mail them to Chaco so they can be resoled.

When time has passed and my trip to Kombo this time is a little less painful, I will post about it. At least I know I am working off ANY karma from EVER!!


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