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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Well, I am on line 4 of the charts. They were a bit complicated, but once I figures out that you read them back and forth, like a 's', then it got a bit easier. But they are small, and the charted notations are hard to tell apart, so I scaned them into my computer, blew it up, and colored it in. Now, each chart notation is a different color. I have two differnt colored ones, in case I mark up one, or decide that one is easier to read than the other (each copy is colored a differnt way). When it blew up, the lines got a bit faint, and blurry, so I traced them and that helped a little, but let's hope the blurry doesn't cause a problom. It's not blurry in an I-can't-read-them sort of way, but in a they-look-like-my-percription-needs-to-be-updated sort of way. I also can't find my favorite cable needle. Grr. Oh well, three day weekend, I will find it, and I will work on my vest some more. And my bag. And the knitted x-mas/Yule gifts for people why oh why did I decide to knit everyone a gift in October?!?


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