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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Yarn Aquisition...

Wow, I totaly didn't spell that right...but I really don't want to look it up. Why? Because I have yarn to show!!
Yesterday, I picked Shea up from the airport, and after lunch at Eegee's mmmmm...Eegee's....*drool*, we went to the Back Door Bead's sale. This is what Shea got...

Shea's Posted by Picasa

Well, actualy, the blue (Classic Elite Inca Alpaca 100% alpaca color 1146 don't you hate numbered colors?) my dad and I got her teh nite before, but it is hers.
She got teh other stuff (Ironstone Yarns: Brooke 50%wool 50%nylon color 374). Out of it, she is going to make a vest from Folk Vest a very cool book. I want the whole series. Some day. I have Folk Socks, Folk Bags, and Folk Shawls. I highly recomend them.

This is some of my stuff that I actualy got a bit ago, but decided to put up here anyway. It is from BDB's sale room, so I suppose it can go into the post of yarn bought on sale...

Smart Posted by Picasa
It is Smart by Sandnes (100% wool color 2171). I really like this stuff. It is superwash, and I used it to make teh Wool Peddler's shawl.

And finaly, here is my stuff. Some of my Birthday Yarn that I picked up from my mothers house the other day, and more Manos del Uruguay, color 46. I am also going to make a vest out of it, from Folk Vest

Manos Posted by Picasa


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