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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Birthday Yarn

This here is my birthday yarn...

Juniper (43) Posted by Picasa

Manos del Uruguay, 100% wool, color 43 (Juniper). Beutiful, isn't it? The picture is from the Earth Guild website. Not really sure, just did a google for Manos. I saw the yarn at Back Door Beads...I am not sure if I can describe it...a wall of color. One whole wall, just covered with hanging hangs of Manos was beutiful, breathtaking...

So, I picked a color that I thought was nice (hard to do. So many colors...), and would look good on me. ANd I spread the word. I told everyone in my family, get me this for my birthday. This is what I want. Everyone get me at least one hank (currently on sale through October for 40% off at BDB), and then I will hopefully have enough where I can knit me a sweater.

I have never knit anything for myself. Or at least nothing that I have kept. I an very excited about this. If I get enough, I would really like a sweater jacket. Something long, down to my mid-calf, or better yet, ankles. Open in frount, with buttons... I have this picture of me wearing this jacket, sophisticated and warm, all thouse around me are jelous of my jacket and my skill in knitting it.

Now, if I could just find a pattern...If anyone has a good jacket pattern, point me in the direction. SOmething that will do this lovely yarn justice.


At 9:58 AM MST, Blogger Teri S. said...

Ah ha! You are getting your birthday presents early because we're still the Libra sign! Is your birthday late October or November? I also noticed that you were born in the year of the Dog. So was I! The Manos is absolutely gorgeous--it's such a lovely color. And regarding a jacket pattern? A friend knit a coat. If I can get the pattern details from her, I'll send you an email.


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