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Monday, October 31, 2005


This is what I did Sunday. I went to the Tucson Botanical Garden's Butterfly Magic Exhibit. It was awsome. I went into a greenhouse full of moths and butterflys!!

butterfly Posted by Picasa

Cool, huh? They landed on me...

butterfly Posted by Picasa

Ya, not the greates't pic. There was this lazy yellow one that landed on my hand, then flew to my head. I think I have a pic of that, but on the other camera. These pics are all off my dad's. and yes, that butterfly is hanging on my butt

moth Posted by Picasa

wow, huh? that moth is something like 10inches wingspan!! It was sleeping, and pretty much ignoring everyone. Then, after the pic was taken, it moved, like it was itnerested in my 100% wool, so I ran.

ANd this is what I ran into...

cotton flower Posted by Picasa

Can you guess what that is a garden of? I'll give you another hint...

cotton Posted by Picasa

Yay!! A cotton garden!! YAY!!!!

And that was my Sunday!! What a great way to spend the day!!


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