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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Yarn Acquisition

I just got back from the LYS. My dad gave me a gift certificate for my birthday since they were all out of the yarn I wanted, and they just got in more. So, I have 4 skeins from my dad of Manos #43, 4 skeins from my mother and step-fathere, and one skein from my friend Gabby. Gabby shows what love is. She is a great friend. They were out of the color at the BDB on Speedway (my mother had bought it all), so she went up to the store on Ina. That is really far away from her place. And she doesn't have a car. That's a true friend!. That gives me a grand total of 9 skeins!! That means 1424 yards! That is 3726 feet of 100% wool!! I could go into inches, but that would make me to giddy to type. Wow. I am excited. I cast on for my jacket. I am adapting several differnet patterns and combining them, but basicaly think of something like this but long enough to reach mid-calk or even ankles, and with a hood. I am excited. No idea when it is going to be finished, but I am very excited.


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