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Sunday, February 05, 2006


I finaly got on the Knitting Olympics list...and they misspelled my name. Not badly, just forgot an "r". Could be worse. At least they can't misspronounce it. That pisses me off royally. This chick who invited herself to our Gard classes can't pronounce my name. Eventualy, someone needs to take her aside and let her know that if she wants to walk around calling herself Wiccan, she needs to learn to prounounce this name (if no others) correctly.

Now, usualy, when someone misspells my name in writing, especialy when they have it written for them, I get really upset...ok, I made some girl cry once, but she was posting on MY lj, where my name is printed on the top of the's not complicated. And she had already pissed me off, so I am completly justified, but there is always a chance that the second "r" didn't get in there. My computer is a crack addict, and sometimes doesn't let me type correctly. And also, the Yarn Harlot is #2 on my list of Knitting Divinity (Mark Newport is #1. I saw a show of his at! If you have never seen his stuff...well, you aren't cool and I am not sure I can continue our friendship. Check him out, you will be glad you did.) then I can let this go with only a little grumbling, and understanding that so far there are 2500+ people on the list, she get's cut a lot of slack.

If you haven't checkd it out, you should. It should be fun!!


At 2:30 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

I hate it when people get my name wrong, or the ineveitable "Is that really your name?" Grrrrrrrr


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