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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Who'd Have Thought...

The other day I was going to Banjul (did some shopping, got 3 new skirts so the two that are ripped can be retierd. Was stalked by some crazy guy for a couple of blocks, same old). Anyway, we were taking the inland road, and we passed by this compound of some sort. It had broken razor wire, nothing to make it stand out. Until we got to the sign. Guess what it said? "Central State Prison". I have seen high schools in America with better/more security than this place. If we were in America, it would freak me out. But here, I actualy kind of like it. The idea that the Gambia is so safe, that the prison is that run down.

On another note, someone mentioned that I had a lot of knitting projects going. Two comments on that: 1)I had more in the States and 2)I have nothing but time here!


At 11:04 AM MST, Blogger Dana said...

Yay for you! I'm former Foreign Service (way different lifestyle than the PC) and a knitter too. :0) I saw your blog and HAD to write to you. My last tour was in N'Djamena, Chad and I adored Africa for a million reasons. Good luck to you and I'll be thinking of you.


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