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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Woolly Thoughts

Has anyone been to this website? I am totaly amazed and smitten.
How they describe themselves:
We are designers of mathematical knitwear. Or perhaps we are mathematical designers of knitwear. Whatever you want to call us, many of our designs are simple geometric shapes combined to make elaborate patterns. We are now best known for our collection of large-scale knit and crochet afghan and cushion designs.

I want to get the patters for Maze, and several of the other afghans. Some hurt my eyes, but they are all so very cool!!

Check them out if you haven't seen their stuff. They are UK based, so I think with current excahange you double the prices for everything (roughly $7 for each pattern).


At 2:50 AM MST, Blogger pat said...

Thank you for your kind words. You can also find us on

At 3:05 PM MST, Blogger Knitting by Leah said...

That sounds like a lot to spend on yarn. Why not go to a Michaels or Joann Fabrics? They have some very interesting brands and colors that you may be interested in working with when you do your knitting. I go to those two stores a lot for the yarn that I use all the time. If you have the time, go to my blog. The address is: and see what we've been knitting lately. Right now, we have a contest to name a new product and how it can be used. If you enter, you may win the item!

At 9:22 AM MST, Blogger liz said...

one of my favorite websites!!!


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