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Saturday, February 25, 2006

The end is near....

...but not near enough.
I just finished row 149 of the shawl...that means 706 stitches on the needles.
I have 26 rows left. But the time I get to row 163, there will be 762 stitches on the needles. Then 12 rows of garter stitch.

Can you beleive that I sarted by casting on 74 stitches? So over 170 rows, I have increased 688 stitches. Well, since every other row is only purled, that really means that there were only 85 rows to increase. That is an average of 8.09 stitches a row. and I the only one who wonders how you increase .09 stitches?

So that means...29326 stitches left to knit... and please no comments about how much of a dork I am for figuring that out, I already know that..

Hopefully I will finish it in the next week or so. I need to finish all my WIPs by June.

I hate deadlines...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Mother's Love

Well, the Crack Baby Socks are finished...and well...they are a pair of socks that only their creator could love. And love them I do. They are sooo cute in their deformed way...

Not the greatest pictures. I used my dad's underwater digital, and it is a little blurry, but still...

One is inside out. Can you guess which one? Does it really matter though?

Some close ups of the cuffs and the heels...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

8 Days and Counting...

OK, I have 8 days left. I have to finish the feet and toes of my socks. I can only knit a row or two at a time...

Thursday I went kayaking at Saquaro Lake (and threw up too! Someone associated with Tucson Pagan Paddlers has thrown up in 4 lakes in AZ!! I don't know why, but for some reason we think this is something cool to note) and my wrist had already been feeling a bit sore. But the kayaking kinda pushed it. So Thursday I didn't knit at all. And Friday I only knit a couple of rows in the evening. Today, I tried to knit, and my wrist hurts to much. So I think if I knit a row or two, then rest for a few hours, then knit another row or two... THe problom with this plan is I am going to Canyon Lake (Dawn threw up in this one. It was funny.) with my dad and Sarah, so I won't be knitting at all Sunday probobly. And depending on how my wrist feels, I might not knit much Monday either. Tuesday our SnB moves to a new location, so I have to knit...
I will prevail!! I could always call up my mother for some oxycodon(is that how you spell it?). It's a very powerful pain killer and will deal with the wrist, but I don't know the wisdom of knitting on my crack babbies under the influence of narcotics...
I will make another cup of tea (mmmm....tea...), try and hunt down some Ibeprophin(I have a giant bottle on my microwave at home. Unfortunetly, I'm not at home), and rest for the day. I will pet the cats, who I have named "Minnie Me" and "SC" (short for Scaredy Cat), but their people have named "Divit" and "Birdey". I don't know who is who with thoes names, hence my own. And teh petting will strengthen my wrists. I like to think that there is the possibility of strengthening my wrists. I know that this is a fantasy and that any use of said joints actualy degreades them more, but reality sucks, which is why I don't live there.

8 more days people!! Get cracking!!

Friday, February 17, 2006


I think my socks are crack babbies. They have some major birth defects. We aren't going to discuss it. But I will finish them, because I am stuborn and don't like to quit. But when you see the finished product, be polite and don't point out the glaring deformaties. It's not the socks fault. I just drank to much during construction...ya, that's it. They are socks with FAS. And they need you love more than if they were perfect...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The sock of international aclaim

This is my aunt Shelly (Dr. Shelly Rabinovitch of the Univeristy of Ottowa for thoes of you interested. She teaches religious studies and anthropology and has a couple of good books out. She will be in Toronto in a couple of weeks speaking at a conference. She refused to take me when my dad told her that the Yarn Harlot was in Toronto and he couldn't afford bail from a stalking charge really, if me and Sarah haven't been caught stalking Mark Newport, I don't think Ms. Pearl-McPhee has anything to worry about). SHe is the one who "tripped" me friday and derailed my knitting. Here she is looking at my sock with awe. Sitting next to her is a friend, Sylvia (originaly from Germany), look on with awe and wonder. Multi-continental aclaim for the sock!!

My dad didn't take a pic, but about 5 minutes later, SHelly took the sock and wore them on her head as a hat. Said with a little more knitting, she could take the socks and needles back home with her and use them as ear muffs. Not exactly what I was thinking of, but they would get some use out of them.

I need to get good at socks, because CJ (that's his house we're in) is in the hospital with pnemonia. So, I can knit him up a nice pair of warm socks and he can have them while he recovers.

Taking the turn...

Here is the sock before I started the heel flap.

And because Oscar was being nosy and wanted in the pic, one of him. He thinks he is getting petted after I put down the camera. Oscar is a hand slut. As long as you pet him, he loves you.

The heel flap, an outside view...can you guess what I did?

Here is an inside view...does this answer your question?

I am about ready to start turning the heel. Unfortunetly, I have lost a day of knitting. I went to the eye doctor this morning, and they put thoes drops in my eyes, and I can't really see well. It is hard to focus, so I will be waiting until I can focus on stuff again before I work on the socks again. Probobly tonight.

On other news...I am someone's inspiration!! Can you beleive that? First Rain calls me "competition" and now someone calls me their "inspiration"! What is the world comming to? And because I am a sucker for shameless self promotion, here is the e-mail I was sent. One and all should go to her blog, and tell her congrats on jumping on the blog bandwagon, and the shameless self promotion! Knit on!!

I love your blog. You were an inspiration for me to jump into it myself.

Now I’m hooked.

Hope you’ll give me a read now and again, and if I’m at all worthy, perhaps you’d think about giving me a boost by cutting and pasting my button.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Howard's Handwerk Haus

OMG OMG OMG OMG!! Can you tell I am excited? I just came home from Howard's Handwek Haus, and small fibre store. I can't believe I didn't know this place existed. Especially since it is less than a half mile from my house and I drive by it all the time. It is a little collection of adobe buildings around a courtyard. In the back there is a little room, with Rumplestilskin's grandmother. She has a lot of nice yarns, for knitting and weaving and whatever else you might want to do with it. And she has a lot of roving! And spinning classes ($18/hr, wow!!), and she spins, and it is just a great little place, and the people are so friendly!

I got some stuff for Shea's birthday, and it will go in the mail Monday. Shea doesn't really read this, but on the off chance that today she has decided to peruse my blog, Shea, don't continue to read. The rest of the blog entry is off limits to you. If you aren't Shea, and promise not to tell her what is in the mail, then you can continue to read...

Nannette and I got this merino wool spun with gold thread(100yrds). The merino is kind of looped. It is really nice. And we also got 100% wool. It is undyed, and a really nice gray. 200yds. And Esther, the woman who spun it, has more of the roving, and if Shea want's more, she will spin it for us. And guess what we paid? will never guess. 300 yds of handspun...really nice stuff....guess...
Give up? I know you would...we paid $15!!!! And that is including tax!!! I love that little store!! I am totaly going back!!!!

FOr thoes of you in Tucson, 3054 N. 1st Ave #10. Hours kind of suck, but they are worth the wait: Tues, Thurs, Sat 10am-6pm

Friday, February 10, 2006

The first hurdle...

Well, I came out of the gate and pushed of well. My stride was good, the crowds were cheering, the adrenaline was pumping (hehe, Rain called me "competition". That's great! You should totaly check out her blog if you haven't. Now that's competition. I love her knitting style. Very fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants) everything was great. Then I tripped on the first hurdle (or I was tripped. Yes, that's it. Very _Cool Runnings_. Remember that scene in teh beggining at the Olympic trials? THat was me tonight!). I had gotten past the rib part of the cuff (even had pics of it), and my aunt came over. Things were well, and we were talking and I was knitting. And I realised that I was knitting the sock inside out. Not sure how that happened, I was knitting in the round. No biggie though. Leonore made several pairs of really awsome socks before she went off to college in PA, and one pair was done inside out (though I wonder how it happened, and how it would have affected turning the heel). Then, all of a sudden, wammo, flat on my face.

But it's ok. I picked myself up, brushed myself off, frogged about an inch and a half, and started again. Yes, I have a couple of scraped knees. Yes, I am a little behind. But I will prevail! I will catch up and finish my socks!! And they will be the best socks in sock history (and that is really saying something, comming from me and my obsession with socks. I love socks. I have lot's of awsome pairs...don't get me started on socks. It's a wonder I haven't knitted any before now. And I am rambling. It's late. Adrenaline. New fibre store tomorrow!)!!!

On Your Mark, Get Set...Wait

Agg! I had plans this morning so I wouldn't sit around waiting until I could cast on my socks. But, as thoes plans were with my mother (go to the Gem & MIneral Show, take 2), it's not surprising that they fell through. It's ok though...I have patience stop laughing!! I do!!! I also have other things to knit until 2pm, and Babylon 5, the complete series, so I can wait.

Until then, here is the "get set" portion of my project.

Though, perusing the list of 4000 competitors, my socks seem a little...small. I mean, they are my first pair, and I am excited, but there are people making sweaters and doing complicated stuff...Though I am turning a heel, and that is complicated...

Ah well, anyway...Good Luck to All!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Olympic Countdown

Yarn - check 2 balls of 50 g Wildflower D.K. color 11(green)
Needles - check 2 pairs of size 3 US circulars
Pattern - check Starter Stockenette from Knit Socks
Swatch - check not for guage, who do you think I am? Nono, had to make sure the needles worked with the yarn, and everything.

Now, just need to waite one more day, then I can cast on and start.

I decided to make a simple sock pattern, and to make them for my cousin. She sent me the cutest little house slippers for Valintines Day, so when these get done, she will get them for St. Patrick's Day. THe pattern calls for contrasting heel and toes, but I am not going to do that, just do the whole thing in the green. It is a nice shade, and hopefully there will be pics of it.

Hope everyone else is getting excited.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


I finaly got on the Knitting Olympics list...and they misspelled my name. Not badly, just forgot an "r". Could be worse. At least they can't misspronounce it. That pisses me off royally. This chick who invited herself to our Gard classes can't pronounce my name. Eventualy, someone needs to take her aside and let her know that if she wants to walk around calling herself Wiccan, she needs to learn to prounounce this name (if no others) correctly.

Now, usualy, when someone misspells my name in writing, especialy when they have it written for them, I get really upset...ok, I made some girl cry once, but she was posting on MY lj, where my name is printed on the top of the's not complicated. And she had already pissed me off, so I am completly justified, but there is always a chance that the second "r" didn't get in there. My computer is a crack addict, and sometimes doesn't let me type correctly. And also, the Yarn Harlot is #2 on my list of Knitting Divinity (Mark Newport is #1. I saw a show of his at! If you have never seen his stuff...well, you aren't cool and I am not sure I can continue our friendship. Check him out, you will be glad you did.) then I can let this go with only a little grumbling, and understanding that so far there are 2500+ people on the list, she get's cut a lot of slack.

If you haven't checkd it out, you should. It should be fun!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

One down...

Yay, I just finished the back pannel of my long coat. I am so excited, so I am posting so everyone can share in my joy. One pannel done, 4 pannel's left. And the sleaves. And the hood. Yay!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Why is is that there is always something wrong with your yarn store? Maybe I am just to picky. I got Kiwi's newsletter today, and it got me thinking...all the stores in Tucson have some little flaw. Back Door Beads is my favorite: a great store, great people, good prices, and they have a sale room. But they are kinda far away from me, and on Speedway so getting there is a headache. Purls is another nice store. I have knows the owner most of my life, her daughter is a good friend of my mothers. They carry the upscale yarns, so rarely can I afford them (but when they have sales, they have really good sales). They are way out of the way. One location is at on Oracle north of Ina and the other one is at Broadway and Pantano. Both are buys roads with traffic headache, and are still pretty far drives even without traffic. And the clerks at the Broadway store are kinda bitches. Sharron has actualy fired some people up there for being bitches. Theoreticaly, you can go there and just hang out and knit, but at the Broadway location...well, you aren't comfterbol doing that. Though the Northside has nice people, just so far away. And then there is Kiwi Knitting. They are a new store here in town, like, less than a year old. Everyone was excited when they opened, and our hopes were dashed. Kiwi is more expensive than Purl's (Stephanie told me that they buy stuff from Purl's sale bins then jack up the price and sell it at Kiwi's. Doesn't surprise me.), and their stuff isn't overall as good. I mean, they have some high end yarns, but mostly...not the greatest selection. I walk in there and I either am completly ignored or feel pressure to buy. Never any inbetween. Then there is their newsletter, which sparked this whole bitching post (ya, sorry about the bitchyness...I have a really good excuse but it is mine and you can't have it). Kiwi offers a large range of classes, which is really cool on the surface. They have this "mommy and me" type knitting class, that my mother is supposed to take with my nephew. Casper really wants to learn to knit, and I can't teach worth crap, so when I found this class, I told her about it. She is supposed to talk to Sharron about lessons for Casper, but never does...sigh, I will eventualy do it. But that class is the better ones. $35/pair and matirials are provided. There is this other class, Cloud Poncho, where it is $36, but you have to bring materials, and get the pattern online. Why, exactly, would I pay for a class when I have to bring the pattern, the yarn, the needles, etc.? Or this other one, where it is $60, but you have to bring the needles, the yarn, and have access to the pattern, which is from Folk Vests (really good book by the way, I am making the Many Buttoned Vest from it). Why, again, would I pay someone to sit there and watch me knit something when I supply everything, including a book with the techniques in it? There are 45 individual classes (one is a spinning class that cost $57 plus $10 to rent the Navaho spindle, or you can buy minimum $70 for the class. They do provide roving though), of them 5 provide yarn, 2 provide needles (of the 5 that provide yarn), and 3 provide other things. Then there are 2 series of classes(like, one class how to cast on, one class how to knit, one class how to purl, etc.) that cost per class, nearly as much as a specialty class. They have this Knit Nite that costs to attend. She used to have it on Tuesday nites, then wondered why noone showed up. Gee, I wonder? "Let's compete with an established group that is free and see what happens...". Now it is Monday nites, and still costs. Ah well. We will see what happens after her first year in buisness.

New Stitch 'N Bitch e-list

SInce Yahoo shut down our previous list, we decided to start a new one SnB-tucson

Click here to join SnB-tucson
Click to join SnB-tucson

Feel free to join, even if you are not in Tucson. The previous group wasn't very e-active, probobly because we met every week, but hopefully we can change that with this new group...