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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Well, at least if you run out of T.P...

I am really enjoying this whole not-going-to-school anymore thing, but it is still scary. Now, a part of me is just saying, "hey, you are on Winter Break. Enjoy it" and I really am. Time to sleep in, knit without interuption, sleep, read books that have nothing to do with criminal justice (unless they are True Crime or mystery, and for fun).
But then again, in another week, Sarah moved up to Chandler, and Gabby and Ingrid go back to school, and all my other friends have I feel a little useless. Especially today. I was perusing the court jobs, and you know what? With my degree in the field of criminal justice, and the FOUR AND A HALF YEARS spent procuring it, I am qualified for a glorified gofer job that pays less than McDonald's. I could go back to food service, and make more than I could working in an AZ state court...grr... When I mentioned my frustration of having a next to worthless degree (at least it feels like it today), my friend Dawn said, "well, at least if you run out of T.P., you have something..." except I don't even have the peice of paper yet. Double grr...

Oh well. At least I have the shawl.

Monday, December 26, 2005


My dad got me a loom. It's a small thing. But, I have no idea how to use one. So, any help out there would be appreciated...

Hi. You suck!

I went to that link, "How much is your blog worth", basicaly because I was board, and everyone else has done it, and...anyway, guess how much my blog is worth? Come on, guess...nothing, zip, nada. No, I am not putting the button on that says that my blog is worthless. That just makes me sad. And I know, for the three readers I have out there (though it shouldn't really suprise me that my blog isn't worth much. My parents don't even read this. How sad is that? None of my friends do either! Not even the knitters!) that it comes as a complete shock!

Oh well. I am knitting a shawl that will remain nameless. Why? Because I have frogged this thing so many times, I was considering keeping a tally bar for it. But that would depress me. I started it on the plane to Philly this summer, and never got very far. And I knit it in Philly, which for some reason impressed all the girls doing the re-enactment at Hagley because I was "really good", and had to frogg it nearly every day. Then on the plane home, but just got sick of it and put it aside. Then Shea borrowed the book with the pattern, and I finaly got it back when she came for Yule. So, now I am pretty far along, though I had to frogg it 3 more times. We won't discuss how far along, or what the pattern is, or any of hte details, until it is done. I am not jinxing it. Though, the Universe should not take the above comment of being "pretty far along" as bragging, or any other such pride that might cause me to mess up again and be forced to frogg it. Really. There is no pride in my knitting. Just quiet (and not so quiet) depseration.

I love reading blogs from overseas! How much of a dork am I that this causes me much joy? I want to find more knitting blogs from overseas, and read them every day! It makes me feel cultured and cosmoplitan, even though the truth is that I am a complete dork. Though, I need to keep them in English. I have one from Norway that is sometimes in English and sometimes Norweagan, and it is hard. I can figure out some of it from my German background (wow, who thought that knitting would be the reason I pick up German again?), though Norweigan and German aren't really all that close, but I can suffer out some stuff, and online translator programs for the rest. But other than German, my language skills include English (American), bad English (American), and really bad Latin (though, if I would actualy read Latin anymore, it wouldn't be that bad. I was actualy pretty good for a while. Good enough to turn a nice little story about Cupid and Psyche into a really bad porn. Ah, good times. Never give a bunch of college kids a story that can be ambigiously translated). Though I doubt the Latin would help me much in the blog-o-sphere, unless Julius Ceasar decided to start writing a blog...I can see that
"Today I was waiting for my legions to take Brittania. So boring. But I picked up some nice spun wool from the local peasnats. I think I will make a new set of stockings, it gets cold here, and my leagons are totaly incometant. I mean, how friggin hard is it to utterly subjegate an itty bitty island? At this rate, it will never get done. But as long as we are here, I can get some good knitting time in. Then while I may not return to Rome victorious, at least the Senate will be in utter envy of my fiberous aquisitions! As soon as I can get some craftsman to invent a digital camera, I will post pics!"

Sunday, December 25, 2005

So, I made that Panta that is popular. I followed the directions exactly. Measured exactly. And guess what? It's to big. Not exactly sure what I am going to do. I have a big head, so if it is to big for me...I could frogg it back a bit, but I really am not sure I want to do that. Maybe I can sew it a couple of inches back, cut the excess off, then re-seam it. Not really sure yet. Will have to think about it...

I am board today. There is nothing on tv, and though my dad got me Babylon 5 Season 5 for Yule, I really don't feel like watching it all yet. My dad went kayaking today, and I am still not feeling great, so I stayed home. Except there is nothing to do. I have been knitting on a shawl, but there is only so much sitting you can do...

Well, happy holidays to everyone out there in cyberspace, whatever holiday you are happy about!

Monday, December 19, 2005


I got a yarn baller for Yule!! YAY!! I have been re-balling all my yarn. I am still balling my yarn!! I will be doing this for quite some time!! It is so much fun!! Just thought I would share!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

De Chelonian Mobile

My dad inherited some land years ago when he graduated from college, and now that I am graduating, he is passing it down to me. So this weekend, my dad, Sarah, and I went to Sunsites, AZ to look for/at my land.

That is Sarah standing at one corner of My Land. Here is my dad standing at the corner opposite from her.

Here is my dad staing in the corner opposite of the one Sarah is at, pointing out the boundries of my land. It is a little over an acre.

This is a prickley pear cactus that was eatten by killer bunnies. We decided that the only bunnies that could eat a prickley pear had to be viscious. That and survive the many huge hawks flying around.

We were geocaching around, and Sarah and I saw a bunny that was the size of a bobcat. That bunnie probobly ate my cactus. Hehe, I own a tree and a mostly eaten cactus!!

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Did I meantion that Frapper is the coolest thing ever? I love that everyone is getting one, and that I have one and people can post on it! It's really cool to see how people all over the world read the same blog.

On an other note, I went to the 4th Ave Street Fair today. There is rarely anything I want to buy there, but they hold it twice a year, usualy all the same vendors, but it is nice to look, and get out of the house, and it was such a nice day today. Anyway, I was walking by the stupid PETA booth (they have been "stupid PETA" ever since they said that fish were intelligent sensitive creatures and we can't eat them anymore. I mean, come on!! They are fish). And they had a sticker with a sheep on it, and it said "I am not a sweater", and they had a brochure that said that wool is evil. I didn't look at it, and my dad didn't pick it up (I think he was scared about what I would do to him). I think stupid PETA has finaly gone to far. I mean, WOOL!?! And it was funny because it was kinda cold, and you know the people manning the booth were wearing wool of some sort. It was almost as funny as the guy who was getting people to sign a petition to outlaw smoking in public places, while smoking a cigarrette.

Tomorrow, off to peruse my land. My dad got some land passed down to him when he graduated from college, and he is giving it to me now that I have graduated. It isn't much, and there is nothing on it, but it is cool nonetheless.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Oops, I did it again....

I knit a hole in my figer...again. It's not a very bad one, not like what I did with thoes size 4US metal sharp needles...but it is a hole none-the-less. My dad laughed at me. The sad thing is, this is a fairly frequent occurance. I knit, and I get a callas, then the callas comes off. Like, if I have taken a particularly hot shower, or have been working with the sander, or it even just wears off from more knitting. I don't think this is how calluses are supposed to work...Grr...

On another note, the new Knitty is out! Yay. And reading it, I found this book. It looks like fun. I may have to look into getting it later.

On an even other note...3 more days of classes. Well, 2.5. Well...4 classes in total spanning 3 days. If I decide to even go to my Soc of Religion class. My paper isn't due until 5 pm, so when I come for my last Crim class, I can just go drop it off...we'll see how I am feeling on Wensday morning.
Then one final on the 13th. Then I graduate on the 16th. Then I will have my BA, and I can proceed to do absolutly nothing with it!! Yay!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Holiday Knitting

Yule will be on the 17th this year!! We were hoping to do the Circle on the 21st, but that is a Wensday, and scheduling conflict... The only good thing is that I mostly have everyone's stuff done. Then, after the 17th, I can focus on the other half of the family and finish their Christmas knitting.

Finished and will get the 17th
  • Tess

  • Sarah
  • won't be at the Yule Circle, for some reason thinks graduation dinner in Phoenix with her family is more important! So she will actualy get it on the 15th.
  • Nannette

  • Gary

  • Lisa

  • Not finished and need for the 17th
  • dad
  • not that he actualy appreciates anything that I knit for him, even when he specificaly requests it
  • Shea

  • Deliana

  • Finished for Christmas
  • Casper

  • Not Finished for Christmas
  • Cassie

  • Braydon

  • Shania

  • Becky

  • Sylvia

  • Dominique

  • Brianna
  • Nikkie

  • Dave

  • Jim

  • mom

  • The only perk with these people is, except for Cassie, Braydon, Jim and my mother, everyone else lives in another state, so they can get a late present. And as for the rest, they can get late presents too.

    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    Inequities in Knitting...

    I love knitting. Really I do. It is my all time favorite past time. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't knit, but I am sure that felonies, plea bargans and federal prisons would figure highly into the equation (though, as my father has pointed out, considering I am planning on entering in the criminal justice field, thoe three things already figure highly into my life, but you know what I mean).

    I also love reading knitting blogs. As you can see from my links list, it grows. I check them every day (or when I have a large break between classes, several times a day that won't happen much anymore. I get my diploma in 16 days...eep), and am always wanting new blogs to read. I link a lot from other blogs, I figure that if I like your blog, and you like someone elses blog, that it must be a good blog hint hint...if you have a blog that I don't know about, comment and let me know!

    But sometimes, I go to someone's blog, and I read about all the amazing things they are knitting, and I look at pictures of their projects, and I see how absolutly wonderful they are (over at January One she is knitting a lot of socks. Nice socks. Really nice socks. I have yet to get past the first inch of a cuff of socks), and then, though I felt like a terribly accomplished knitter before, I feel wholly inadequate as a knitter, because I will never be as good as most of these knitters.

    I go to the SnB twice a week, and see people like Andrea and Kim and Julie before she moved to Oregon, and wow, I am just blown away. How did they get so good? Is is just practice? Or is there a knitting gene that I don't possess?

    Ah well, back to reading Goodridge v. Massachusets, the to work on my newest project, my long coat with my birthday yarn! I love this yarn. I love this coat. Doesn't matter if Andrea says that I knit wierd and it looks funny. She's just jelous because I have all of the yarn and she can't get any yes, that's it...jelousy for my yarn possession...