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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Plan

I have a new plan. Well, actualy a refinement of the old plan (I still haven't cast on anything new. I know, we are all proud). I never was as thrilled with the black on my bag as I should have been, and I think the green will make me happier. So, I am going to finish the first lace pattern on the new shawl, then finish the bag. I finish the back/flap. Then pick up stitches around it and make a boarder of yellow, do the same with the frount. Then sew it all together. Then make closures. Then make pockets until I run out of yarn or have enough. Not sure what enough will be. I like pockets. THen I will line it. That will be the tricky part. I have never made a lining for anything before. It's all good though.

I went down to the 4th Ave Street Fair today. It was nice. Bumped into like, 3 groups of people I know, which is strange since I go pretty much all the time and that has never happened before. Anyway, there was a booth with yarn and some knitted stuff. It was this woman who own a ranch up on the northside. She had some really nice yarns, but soooo expensive. HHH has totaly spoiled me. I was fondling the yarn, then would look at the price, then think "I can get this stuff from Esther for half the price". She has this borchure of her stuff showing her animals and some of her yarns, and some stuff she has made. She has a blanket in her brochure for $300, and a shawl for $450. Yes, I didn't put to many zero's on thoes prices. We were talking at my SnB about what you should charge for knitted items, and pricing yourself out of buisness. I think she may have done that. She has a website, and I haven't checked it out or anthing, so maybe it is just she put the most expensive things in her brochure. Nice stuff regardless anyway.

Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm sorry, the yarn you own doesn't exist...

BDB on Speedway closed down. Now, the only one left is on Ina. I am not impressed with that location. Really not impressed. Like, I will not be patronizing them anymore. Would you like to know why? Of course you would.

Intro: BDB on Speedway was having a store closeing sale. Gabby and I went on the last day. SHe bought some stuff, but they didn't have enough, so we went to the Ina location to get more. The people were a bit rude, but whatever. Maybe they were having a bad day. I got 2 hanks of Manos in black to finish my bag, since they didn't have any other color that would go with the strap.

8 days latter: I have run out of black. I am about ready to start the flap, then will be done. I go back to BDB to get more black...

Me: Excuse me, do you know if you have any more Manos in black? I can't seem to find it.
Clerk: Manos doesn't come in black.
Me: Yes it does. I bought some last week and just ran out.
Clerk: No, Manos doesn't come in black. Are you sure it was black?
Me: Yes. I forgot to bring the color tag, but it was black. I found it right here, but there doesn't seem to be anymore. Do you know if you have any more in the back?
Clerk: Hey [Clerk 2], do we have any Manos in black?
Clerk 2: Manos doesn't make black.
Clerk: This lady says she has some
Clerk 2: Are you sure it is black? You sure it isn't [points to a brown. Obviously a brown. Noone would mistake that for black]
Me: Yes, I am sure. It was black
Clerk 2: well, we don't carry it
Me: I bought 2 hanks last week. There was one left stuck in here, I am just wondering if you have that somewhere
Clerk 2: It wouldn't have been there. See how it is color coded? If they did make black, it would be over here
Me: Well, I don't know your organization technique, but I found it down here somewhere, bought 2 hanks, there was one left that I didn't think I would need but should have bought, last week.
Clerk 2: Well, we don't have it now.
Me: Do you know if you will be getting more?
Clerk: Let me take your name and info, and when we order more we will call you. No idea when that would be.

So I went to Purl's to see Sharron, and we talked. She hates that place, not just because it is competition, but because the people are idiots about yarn. And I have to agree. Sigh. She says she can order me some, but no idea when it will come in. So we talked some more, and I think I am going to finish the flap in a lime green wool that I got for pockets for the bag. Double sigh.

On other note: I have been working on the shawl a lot lately. I am halfway through the first lace pattern. It is makeing good progress one I got it going.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Straw into Gold

YEsterday, I had a spinning lesson at HHH. Such a great lady, Esther is!! She could totaly spin straw into gold. I can make lumpy twisted wool (it's not yarn until it is washed! I learned that yesterday!!). It was so cool!! I had a blast. Though Spinning is a lot harder than it looks. A 2 hour lesson, and by the end I was just getting the hang of it. Drafting is the worst. You have to pull the fibres a lot harder than you think you need to. But I will be going back! Yay, a new hobby!

Gabby came to, and was a little...well, she had a late nite. Friday was St. Patrick's Day. Yes, I am Irish (my grandparents spent a lot of money illigaly getting into this country and buying all the kids American birth cirtificates), but I am also Pagan. My friend Dawn and I have a thing(she is the only one who understands how I feel about it), every year she says "Happy National Getting Plastered Day" and I say "Happy Day of the Guy Who Butchered My Ancestors". Then we hang out. Friday, we hung out at her new appatment and then went to her hottub. It was nice. I hadn't seen her in forever!
Really, St. Patrick's Day is a bit anoying for me. 1)I don't drink. Yes, occasonaly I do, but mostly, I don't like being intoxicated. I am a control freak, and alcohol takes away the control. Besides, I did get hung over once (actualy threw up in my dad's car...that was funny), and really hated it, so I drink even less now than I did before that. 2)I am Irish. I see no point in celebrating the day of an English slave who robbed Irish graves so he could hire mercanaries to butcher the Irish people. Not really something I want to spend my day doing. 3)I am Pagan. Why, exactly, would someone who was born and raised BT/Gard (let's not get into the irony of an Irish family following a British path. I have never figured it out, and it is just easier to ignore it. Less pain in the head) want to celebrate a Catholic feast day? You know how Patrick brought xianity to Ireland? The same way everyone else did back then. He killed anyone who wouldn't convert and burned all the religious figures and places of the previous religion. That's what they did. Remember Constanine? He would walk into a villiage and march everyone through a river, then say they were baptised, and wasn't he great for converting a whole town? Now, I have no problom with xians celebrating the day. After all, it is their holiday, and a large part of their religion is conversion. But be honest.
OK, end rant. Sorry you had to live through that. I probobly should have warned you. Two or three times a year I get anoyed and go off.
But, for the people who do celebrate, I hope you had a good time, and were responcible in your merry making.

Now, I am almost done with my bag(!!), making good progress on my blanket, just pulled out the shawl, haven't touched the jacket or vest in a while. I think that how I will deal with my casting on withdrawl is to cast on. Yes, simple, I know. See, the bag is done in peices, and I was totaly jonesing, and when I finished one section, and cast on for another, it was nice. Not as nice as a new project, but it was good enough. The jacket is also knit in sections. When I get wanting a new project again, I will finish the last couple rows of the side pannel and cast on for the next one. And the bag, I can make as many pockets as I want!! They are just rectangular peices that I will later sew on! Wow, look at me being all smart! My university education didn't go to waste!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

This is not working...

This whole committed relationship thing...ya, it's not working...I really really really really really want to cast on for a new project. My dad got me some hand made bone circular needles, and even though I am terrified to use them (what if they break?) I really want to use them. I have some new yarn that I got for a specific purpose, but I can't cast it on until at least one project is done. Now, my bag is almost done, but not soon enough. And I have this horrible feeling that I will need to get at least one more hank to finish it. But, so far, I have been really good. It has been...more than 10 days since I cast on for a project...I have never gone this long before...I think I am going into withdrawl...Maybe everyone was right about me...I don't know if I can do this....

Thursday, March 09, 2006


So, I just got back from the dentist. Ewwww...but, all but one of my doctors have filled out my paperwork. One more lab visit in the morning and one more doctors appointment that I have to get, and I am done seeing people, just have to wait for test results. Why? You ask?

Well, I have been nominated for "Health Education". Basicaly, I get to go to Africa, and teach people how not to get HIV. I am very excited. I have no idea where in Africa yet. I won't know the details of that until I get my official invitation, which I won't get until all my medical stuff is finished. But as soon as I know, I will post.

Anyway, since I know so many of you doubt my self control, it has been 2 days since I cast on for a new project. I am keeping to my "5 project" rule. Actualy, I am only really knitting on 2 at the moment: my bad and the blanket (oh, ya, Brett, Beeper, you need to have a girl. The blanket is totaly for a future Cottey student. Just an FYI), so *ppffftttt* to all of you who doubted me!! ok, 2 days isn't really that much, but you have no idea what kind of psycho running around and stress I have been doing, and to not have a new stress releife project.... Well, stupid government burocracy, so you probobly get it.

On my jacket though, I have decided, after much colaberatin, to bind off the 10 extera stitches in the middle, and do the reverse shaping as Rain explained it to me. She is my hero. Everytime I have a question, she totaly finds a way to make it work. The whole Russian Join thing? Brilliant!! And you can see the results in the Irish Diamond Shawl. And she always makes comments on my blog, making me feel special and popular.

SFSE situation...well, I replied to their hate spam, and they haven't replied to my reply yet, so I wonder...I should really check to see if our Yahoo group is still in existance...Yep, still there. Though, the details section of the group has been edited, and the editing doesn't seem to take...Well, we will see what happens by tomorrow...
Though, on the off chance that something happens, I have downloaded all the members e-mails, so if we do get deleted, we will be able to start again.
Rain said it best (see, she has something for everything!!! Pity I didn't know her when I was over in England, I bet she is a great person to know in person) "The nerve of these people. They just don't 'get it' at all. What idiots." And they don't get it. They have alienated their clientell...Sigh...

Tomorrow, to BDB with Kinky Ingy, then Saturday, to Howard's and BDB with Gabby. Gabby and I were supposed to go today, but with me running around to the dentist, and to my GP and to....oy, and her having a double at the cancer center, neither of us felt like it. So Sat.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

SFSE-The Saga Continues

Well, they get back to you fast with the threats. I just got an e-mail from
saying basicaly "if you use our services, we will leave you alone". Please. I do not respond well to threats, and even less well to ultimatums. Ask my parents, they still sport the scars from trying that path.
To that I replied that no, actualy we had not violated any trademark, and we will not be using their services. I further mentioned that they had alienated all the knitters in AZ, and most of the rest of the US, and would never be getting any of our buisness.

Then they said..."If you had a trademark, you would do the same." <<<---exact quote. Um,Liz...since this has obviously slipped your mind, and your company seems to be a few fries short of a happy meal, let me make this, no I wouldn't. I would not use bully tactics, threats and lawyers to intimidate people. I would not alienate knitters all over the world. I would not try and shut down popular books and websites. I would jump on the Stitch 'N Bitch bandwagon. I would link to all these sites. I would not try and trademark a phrase that is common domain. Can you trademark "Quilting bee"? Can you trademark "bake sale"? No. And you cannot trademark "Stitch 'N Bitch", no matter how hard you try.

Sew Fast/Sew Easy Strikes Again

Reader's DIgest version: For complete history, check the archives...
After the previous crap from them, our Stitch And Bitch group was shut down. So we started another one, SnB-Tucson. Well, guess what? I just got an e-mail from Yahoo saying that the title "SnB-Tucson" infringes on their tradmark!!!! DAMNIT!!! So, once again, I changed the name, I sent hate mail to them, and I also sent an e-mail to the Stitch'N Bitch Chicago people, asking for advice.

So, once again, click on the little button over on my sidebar that says "BOycott SFSE" and support that group. SEnd an e-mail to SFSE and complain. ANd tell everyone you know not to patronize those people. ANd just to help you is the e-mail Yahoo sent, complete with SFSE contact info...

Notice how they don't actualy say what the infringment is...

RE: Snb-tucson

Sew Fast/Sew Easy Inc. has notified Yahoo! Inc. ("Yahoo!") that service and/or trademark(s) proprietary to Sew Fast/Sew Easy Inc. were used in connection with the
Yahoo!® Group Snb-tucson. Sew Fast/Sew Easy Inc. has further notified Yahoo! that the Snb-tucson group is not authorized to use the mark(s) in question at:

Yahoo! respects the rights of both its users and the owners and rights holders of intellectual property. Accordingly, Yahoo! intends to expeditiously remove or disable access to the mark(s) in question. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT UNLESS THE MARK(S) IN QUESTION ARE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP AND GROUP TITLE, OR ACCESS TO THE MARK(S) IN THE GROUP AND GROUP TITLE ARE DISABLED, WITHIN FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOURS, YAHOO! INTENDS TO DISABLE ACCESS TO YOUR GROUP.

In order to change your Yahoo! Group Title, please follow the instructions below:

1. In the control panel on the left side, click on the Management link.

2. Under the Group Settings, click the Description & Appearance link.

3. Under the Description heading, click edit to update the Title.

4. Click the Save Changes button when you are done.

Through your participation in Yahoo!® Groups you agree to abide by the Yahoo! Terms of Service, as well as any additional Terms of Service applicable to you. The current Yahoo! Terms of Service may be reviewed at: Pursuant to Section 6 of the Terms of Service, Member Conduct, the use of Yahoo!® services to "upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights ("Rights") of any party" is prohibited.

As you know, Yahoo! may terminate any and/or all services and accounts without notice. This notice is provided to you as a courtesy. Without waiving or limiting any rights or remedies Yahoo! has or may have, as the listed owner of the Snb-tucson group you are hereby advised that our receipt of another notification of infringement alleging the infringement of another party's intellectual property in connection with the Snb-tucson group may result in not only the suspension of the Snb-tucson group, but the termination of all of your Yahoo! services as well as the deactivation of your Yahoo! ID.

If you believe that the Snb-tucson group was designated by Sew Fast/Sew Easy Inc. by mistake or misidentification, or if you believe that the group has not infringed upon Sew Fast/Sew Easy Inc.'s service or trademark rights, you may contact Sew Fast/Sew Easy Inc. directly at:

Address: Sew Fast/Sew Easy, Inc

237 West 35th Street, Suite 603

New York, NY 10001

Phone: (212) 268-4321
Fax: (212) 268-4329

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Putting my foot down.

This sluttyness has got to end. Is "sluttyness" even a word? Oh well, it is now I mean, we all know that monogomy isn't really my strong suit, but really!! These wild affairs with wool, the cheap flings with is just wearing me out! I think that I need to figure out something new. Maybe just focusing on a serious relationship with 2 or 3 projects. When one is finished, then I can turn my sights onto something new. Something exotic. But as it is, with a different project in every room, some sharing space...well, it is just causing resentment and hurt feelings. My jacket knows I love it, but when it gets put aside for a new wool shawl, and so close to finishing a excuse of "I love you enough to want to do you right" just doesn't sound...well, re-reading that sentence, nothing will make it sound OK. So I am putting my foot down. I will have a serious relationship with 3 projects...the bag, the vest, and the jacket. Nono, I need to get that blanket done for Beeper's baby. So 4 projects. Wait, I have already cast on for the Sampler Shawl, so 5 projects. But that is it. I am going to have a talk with my stash, and let them know that their attempts at seduction will no longer work! I love my WIPs, and I need to fucus on us now. Rebuild thoes relationships. Repair the bonds that have been broken by meaningless affairs. Really, they didn't mean anything. They just reinforced where I would rather be, at home, knitting on that beutiful wool, watching it grow.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Jacket help...

You know when you do something really great, and you get all confident? That was me after The Irish Diamond Shawl. Now, I am working on my jacket, and am having issues with the armhole shaping.

Row 1: K12, turn leaving rem sts on holder.

Row 2: P1, p2tog, p to end.

Row 3: K to last 3 sts, SKPO, k1.

Repeat last 2 rows once more.

Row 6: Purl.

I get that's this next that is throwing me for a loop. Am I supposed to do this on the stitches from above? Or on all?

Continue, Dec 1 st on seam edge on fol 6 th row once, then fol 10th row once, then fol 8 th row 0[0, 2] times, and fol 6th row 4[4, 2] times.
Continue straight for 14 rows.
BO all sts.

And here...what do they mean reverse shaping? And what is with the K until 12 stitches reamin? Does that mean I do the same as above on the last 12 stitches? And what do I do with the remining stitches in the middle?

Rejoin yarn and K until 12 sts remain on right needle.
Reverse shaping for other side.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

More Shamless Promotion...or OMG Did You See What She Did?!!?

I got this e-mail on this knitting list that I belong to...

A little shameless self-promotion, as I have to share with people who might understand:

I finished my "Two socks at once" or parlour-trick socks (two socks, knitted at one time, on one set of needles) last night!

You can see pictures either at my blog (below) or in the Photo section of the Yahoo double-knitting group:


OMG that is amazing!!! I am in total awe!!!

Oh, ya, and being tagged
4 jobs or places of work
-My Pet Counts, a pet store/gromming parlor. OMG it was horrible!! Psycho boss!!
-Peter Piper Pizza. Children + sugar - parental supervision = hoards of locusts
-Cottey College Food Service. I actualy liked this job. Two years in the kitchen while I attended the school.
-umm...random other stuff

4 movies I'd watch over and over again
-The Mummy. I don't know why, but it is just a good movie.
-The Wickerman. Great movie!! One of my favorites!!
-Babylon 5. I know it is not a movie, but it is a great show!
-umm...I can't think of a 4th

4 places where I have lived
-Tucson, AZ. Born and raised
-Nevada, MO. 2 years attending college.
-by this time next year, Africa.
-notice how the 4th answer is giving me trouble...

4 shows I like
-Babylon 5
-Crossing Jordan
-Without a Trace
-Criminal Minds
(hehe, I got 4!!)

4 websites I visit everyday
-the ones on my sidebar
-Jack (
-Oh My Gods! (
-Sinfest (
ummm.... thoes last 3 aren't really every day, more whenever they update

4 places I've been to for holiday
-Germany. I spent a month all over, doing an exchange program then traveling.
-British Isles. I went there over a summer with some friends. We landed on the west coast of Ireland, traveled across the country, took a fary to Wales, traveled across there, up into England, and ended up in London. Then they all went home, and I went to Thetford to visit family, and spent a couple weeks there and we traveled more.
-Philladelphia. I went to visit a friend from Cottey. She actualy lived in Newark, and we traveled all over the area, sightseeing and stuff.
-Texas. When I was little I visited some friends in Dallas (I think).

4 favorite dishes
-Spagetti. I could eat that every day, 3 meals a day. MMMM...
-deviled eggs. but they have to be Happy Chicken Eggs.
-twice baked potatoes. My dad makes the best.
-Pasole. MMM....

4 places I'd rather be know, I am pretty content.
Though, I did one of these tags once before, and one of the questions was "5 places you would run away to" and I said the Carribean. The funny thing is, I was supposed to be sent there with the Peace Corps in September. Now I am supposed to be going to Africa in June.

4 bloggers to answer the questions next
whoever wants to. I am not sure how many bloggers read this, or how many haven't done it.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Shamless self promotion...

Remember how I said I liked shamless self promotion? It shows confidence, and a total lack of giving a damn what others think. Well, I got this from one of my favorite self-promoters...

If you get a minute, check out my blog this coming Sunday…Maybe you can ask your readers to hop on over to and vote!!

Here’s a preview:

Cast Your Vote:
Which of these will win the Oscar for Best Picture?

Berocco Mountain - A touching love story about a strong worsted weight yarn named Suede who falls for Lavish, a fanciful eyelash, who just wants to ride along with Suede into the sunset.

Good Knit and Good Luck - A crisply paced docudrama in which a seasoned TV reporter takes on the conservative crochet movement of the 1950's, attempting to help a group of knitter who are blacklisted when they refuse to make poodle-covered gin bottles and toilet paper cozies.

Clapotis - A riveting drama about an avant-garde author who travels to the Midwest, wraps himself up in a little French shawl and quickly reveals everyone's biases.

Stash - A moving morality piece set in L.A. that asks the question: can leftover skeins of acrylic and remnant wool all live together in a world without their labels?

Muknitch - All hell breaks lose in this action packed thriller as knitters are taken hostage by the Harlot’s Olympic challenge.

And the Oscar goes to....


So, totaly go check out the blog...I am as soon as I update this!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Enquiering Minds...

What is next on my project list? Well, I have this fantasy of finishing my WIPs. I mean, finishing the shawl was really nice, and I would like to have my bag finished to take with me in June. And there is my vest and my jacket.

So how am I going about this? I cast on for another shawl this morning, and I am making a new panta. I like the other one that I made (100% wool, Lamb's Pride, a light blue. Yarn Fairy yarn), but it is a little big. So I am making another. We will have to be patient and see if I actualy keep on my WIPs and not start any new ones.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the shawl

It is finished. Done. Completed. Sort of. It is blocking. It is so big, it is taking up the living room floor. I have a rain fly layed down, and a sheet over that, then the shawl, then another sheet. I usualy use the full emersion method of blocking, but I figured, since this is so big, I would pin it first, then soak it. Bad idea, that took FOREVAH!!

But, here are the eagerly awaited pics of The Irish Diamond Shawl

A close up of the pattern. The pattern on the right side of the screen is the majority pattern, then you get that row of holes, and the pattern changes to what you see on the left side. That goes for the last bit.

Here is along the edges that come down from the neck. The bottom(ouside) edge called for 12 rows of garter stitch, but I got board and only did 6. I think it looks ok.

And incase any of you are wondering why it was such an undertaking, here is a pic of size...thoes are 2 yardsticks. That is 6 feet!!!

Oh, and for thoes of you wondering...Butterfly 100% cotton. The rest of the label is written in Greek, which I can't read, sorry.

I was asked how long the shawl took me... Unfortunetly, I am not completly sure. The first time I cast it on was on a plane going to visit a friend in PA, but I kept frogging it. When I finaly cast it on and did it...well, I think I put it aside for a while, then got back to it...I am fickle with my knitting...Let's say if we condense it or 4 months? Maybe more? Maybe less? Or if we count from when I started and frogged and started and frogged...a year in June.

you know, there is supposed to be a way to reply to comments, but I have never figured it out...sorry, you will just have to keep re-reading the same posts, looking for new information...