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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


OK, I have decided that I will not start a new project until I finish several old ones (hey, stop that laughing). I am confident that this can be done. Kinda. Maybe. We'll see.

My WIPs that I will finish before starting new ones...
I think these are all on the sidebar anyway...
  • cable scarf

  • Bri's shawl

  • my shawl

  • the blanket

  • my socks

  • OK, the socks have actualy been ripped out again, so they aren't technicaly a WIP, but I still want to do them, so we are going to pretend that they are.

    Some day, I will actualy pull out all the WIPs that have been relegated to the bottom of my stash box, and do a real inventory. But that might make me cry. So for all intents and purposes for not, these are the only things I have on my needles. yes, I only have 4 WIPs. Aren't you all proud of me? noone look in my closet

    Edit @ 11am on Thursday
    Should it worry me that yesterday in Criminology, I mentioned my plan of finishing projects and Jen, a girl I do not really know outside of class, laughed? She doesn't even know me outside of the several PA classes we have taken together, and she doesn't have any confidence that I can stick to my finishing projects plan!
    I know all the peole who read this blog(yes, all 3 of you) have more faith in me! Right?


    At 5:53 PM MST, Blogger Teri S. said...

    I'll finish all my WIPs if your finish yours! ;-) My list of WIPs seem to keep growing. I've been working at Y2Knit all this week and someone pointed out this sock yarn that I must get, and then there's the merino for another blanket, and then...Help! Stop me for I knit again!


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