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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Taking the turn...

Here is the sock before I started the heel flap.

And because Oscar was being nosy and wanted in the pic, one of him. He thinks he is getting petted after I put down the camera. Oscar is a hand slut. As long as you pet him, he loves you.

The heel flap, an outside view...can you guess what I did?

Here is an inside view...does this answer your question?

I am about ready to start turning the heel. Unfortunetly, I have lost a day of knitting. I went to the eye doctor this morning, and they put thoes drops in my eyes, and I can't really see well. It is hard to focus, so I will be waiting until I can focus on stuff again before I work on the socks again. Probobly tonight.

On other news...I am someone's inspiration!! Can you beleive that? First Rain calls me "competition" and now someone calls me their "inspiration"! What is the world comming to? And because I am a sucker for shameless self promotion, here is the e-mail I was sent. One and all should go to her blog, and tell her congrats on jumping on the blog bandwagon, and the shameless self promotion! Knit on!!

I love your blog. You were an inspiration for me to jump into it myself.

Now I’m hooked.

Hope you’ll give me a read now and again, and if I’m at all worthy, perhaps you’d think about giving me a boost by cutting and pasting my button.


At 3:27 PM MST, Blogger Rain said...

I see what you mean by inside out now, scratch the comments in the last post!

I think you'll more than bounce back from a days rest and a small setback, unless you're knitting those socks all the way up to your armpits. Don't forget there are 12 days left.


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