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Monday, April 14, 2008

Kombo is cold. I love it here.

It's way hot upcountry. Luckily, Beth wanted some company comming down so I am taking a few days in Kombo. So randomness... I appologise for the spacing and stuff. BLogger is beingt stupid. Yes. It's blogger, not me

Dan, who has left us. Bastard. He is off to civilization. He better keep in touch or I will beat him!

See this? It looks like a yummy cinimon bun, doesn't it? Smells like one to.
Beth's parents came on vacation and got off the plane and gave her it. You can immagine her joy when she thought she was getting a cinimon bun...

See this? This is the box that the cinnimon bun candel came in. Yes, she got a candel that killed us because if you light it it smells delicious. Which is probobly why in the corner of the box it says "please do not eat"

Dan's last nite in Basse. We got all Tubabed out in Tom from MRC's truck...

Just a cute pic of Bubacarr and Mariama. He enjoys that walker thing more than she does...

  • OK, another pic of Dan. We miss him here. Dan, remember our Smallville marathon and eating game? note to my readers: eating 20 bannanas is not a good idea...

  • Do you have a bike helmet? The random everyday one? Like the one that Beth is wearing?

  • Look inside your helmet. Does it have, like Beth's, a sticker that says Warning: Not for off road use? But what if this is your "road"?

  • Oh. And Tamara says "Hi"


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