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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy &*^%$$* Spring

I was in Basse Sunday, and you know what? It was so *&$$#%^ HOT I wanted to cry. Except if I did cry, the tears would dry up in my eyes and I would probobly get dust in them. I don't remember it being this hot so early last year.

OK, pretty picture of the cool cool river...

Today, since I am down in Kombo I went to the beach in Fajara. Croc Kate and I just walked up and down, avoiding bumpsters. Guess what we saw? ok, I know it's kind of morbid, but I didn't know we had this stuff in the ocean here

This would be a cuttlefish (or what's left of one). We saw the bones littered all up and down the water line.

And here would be a jellyfish. I always thought they needed cold water. Pretty cool. Though it does give you second thoughts about swimming...

On other news...Manda (17 last December) got married!This is her from Tobaski. Congratulations Manda! Both on your marrage and waiting so long!


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