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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

And the grand total is...

In the Gambia, our illustrious president, Yaya Jammeh, is an impressive guy. He took over in a coup 14 years ago, and went from being a Lt. with roughly a 6th grade education to the president of a small West African country with a doctorate. Pretty good step up, huh? You would think that would be enough for any small dictator president. But no, Jammeh continues to serve his people in new and interesting ways. I am not sure if you remember earlier in the year, but Jammeh announced that he can now cure AIDs. We are all thrilled that with the power of the Koran but no fomal religious of theological training and plants from the bush but no botanical or medical training he was able to wipe this deadly scourge from the country. BUt does he stop there? Deffinitly not! He has, in the last year, added asthma, hypertention, diabetes, and last month infertility and cancer!
If you are interested in the cure, all you have to do is go to Banjul on Thursdays. Great, huh? And here we all thought that it would take money, political support, and a laboratory to cure these things. Little did we know.

On other news:
I got some wool in Ireland. A very nice red. 1 KG of aran weight yarn. Now, the big question is, what to do with it? Do I know an Aran Sweater? Do I knot something out of Knitting Ganseys which I got in the mail yesterday? Do I knit a new shawl? I CAN'T DECIDE!!??!! Any ideas, comments, questions will be greatly appreciated.


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