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Friday, February 01, 2008

Vacation Part 1: The Gambia

This is a pic heavy post, sorry. I just got the CD of pics my parents took while they were here and in Ireland.

In November my parents came to THe Gambia for 10 days. A half-way point/25th birthday treat for me.

I picked them up from the airport, we spent the first nite in the Serekunda compound, then drove upcountry.

They liked the scenery, and their first "real" up-sountry village

The kids were a little unsure of these new white people in the coumpound

But quickly decided they liked them

We went to the river, walked around village, went to the hospital,

We worked in the peanut fields,

where I continued making my father do women's work (fetching water, working in the groundnut fields, etc, are women's work)

We fetched drinking water

And went to the lumo is Sami, where my parents saw their first "Dead Tubab Clothes" ever wonder what happens to the clothes you donate to Third World countries? They end up in the market

We killed a goat in celebration of my parents visit

And just hung out a lot

All in all, it was a good trip. Except for the malaria and the snakes...


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