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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Randomness. Now in technicolor

Gambia is here only. It is hot, and not enough rain. We planted, but are now getting a little worried about not having enough rain and loosing crops. Added to that, the rice seed we ordered was lost by the World Food Program.
This is someone prepareing their fields. They use the "burn and pray" method. You light little fires so the grass will burn, and pray it doesn't get out of hand.

I got punched in the face on the ferry. Gambian 1 insulted the man selling the tickets for the ferry in Barra. Ticket Seller's Friend (Gambian's 2 and 3) came out and grabbed G-1 and started punching him. There was yelling and hitting and kicking. Then G-1 swung to hit G2 and instead connected with my face. I grabbed his ticket that he had dropped and ran. Made the ferry as it was pulling out. Mai was on it and we went and got a smoothie. Eye swelled a bit. But glancing blow off my glasses and got ice on it quick (yay Banjul!) so it didn't get bad.

Why I Am Afraid of Horses
I went to go out of my house, and this is what I saw:

Later, when I went to the well to fill my bucket for a bath, the other horse came and stole it. SO I am running around chasing this damn horse and screaming at it to give me back my bucket. By the way
FOR SALE One horse. Goes by the name of "goddamnitstopeatingmyfuckingfence". Free OBO.

Other intersting animal news:
My dog has been molested by a donkey. Now I know why the mother chases him off whenever he wants to go play with this baby. I fully support the mother now.

I was delayed going to Basse. Didn't feel comftorbol with the other passangers...

Travis found the Basse slaughter house rejects:

Willy says hi:

1 Should I be worried if I get into a car and it has it's own juju?

2A billboard in Basse. We are trying to decide what it is.
Sinario 1A school girl being propositioned by a school boy (out of uniform). She won't have sex with him until he finishes her homework. A few weeks ago, they put up a second one on the otherside that is a boy in uniform, so we now think this sinario is no longer valid.
Sinario 2 A teacher. She won't have sex with him until her grades are in and she has passed all her classes.
Sinario 3 A random man from village. She won't have sex with him until he pays her school fees.
why yes, I am a bit cynical about the Gambian school system. Why do you ask?


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