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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Depressing Knitting Books

I am in Kombo on med-hold (trying to figure out what is wrong with my stomache. Then got an infectiona and am on pennicillin. Yay pennicillin. It's itchy!). So I am a little not thrilled. I am knitting a lot for people. Several are getting bags and stuff. WHile hanging out here, I am reading. Or trying to. I have read a lot of the books here already. Croc's mom sent here a box and she is comming tomorrow and will bring me some. But I found The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood. It was really depressing! OK, the theme is woman joins a knitting group after her daughter dies. So you get that. But it was a lot sadder than I thought. And not something I want here. I was so excited to find a novel on knitting in country. Then read it. Maybe if I was in America I would have enjoyed it. Books should have a warning! "This book has a 100% happy ending" or "This book will make you cry. Be warned". That is why I read a lot of Nora Roberts here. You know going in that it will be happy, no matter what.


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