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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Once a month, a Peace Corps car travels around the country visiting every PCV and delivering their mail. This month, I was one of the two who did it. It was fun. I got to see parts of the country that I have never seen before. If it weren't for having to listen to the kids scream "TOUBAB" all the time, and dealing with Gambians, it would have been great 82 days and I go home. As you may be able to tell, I am past ready

Going from Basse to Barra, this is the SP I was in. I looked over and the steering wheel, and this is what I saw...

Why, yes. This car needs to be hot wired to start.

So I texted a friend and asked which should worry me more, if I get in a car that needs to be hot wired, or if I get in a car that has it's own juju? been in cars like that before. After I hit send, I looked down and saw:

Yep. The car also has a juju...

Here is one of the "roads" we took. We got lost several times, because the wet season things get bad.

Here is a PCV's site. She has turned her house into a rabbit project. she wasn't there. that is Kristina, a Cottey girl who did Mailrun with me

This is the mural that is at Allison's house, painted by her and her sitemates.

This is the only "handicap friendly car" that is on the continent

It was a lot of fun. I am glad I did it. Now, after 7 days, I am exhausted.


At 1:54 AM MST, Blogger glittrgirl said...

I love hearing about your adventures, and those paintings are beautiful.


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