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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Yarn Addicts

Yay! Thank you Kimberly for telling me about the Yarn Addicts Webring. I just joined!! Hooray!! And to commemmerate (is that spelled right? To many "m's"? Ya, that's is why I am a psych major and not an English...) I will tell you the story of my Pretty Red Egg. Like all cool knitters, I regularly attend my local Stitch 'N Bitch. It's at one of the best dessert shops in Tucson, which can get dangerous. But we are well know there, the owner is a friend, our waiter, Tristian the Waiter Extrordinare, even learned to knit to please us. We have a great group of people. If you are in Tucosn, you should really come. Anyway, one day, we come in for our regular Tuesday nite SnB and lo and behold what do we have? But someone left boxes and boxes of yarn for us!!! Let's all pause and give a moment of silence in thankfullness for Yarn Fairies everywhere............OK, well, in these boxes, there was a lot of really good stuff. Some cashmire, some wool, lots of total drool worthy stuff. We were all excited, like kids who just found out the candy store owner is going bankrupt and giving away all his inventory to keep it away from the creditors (I'm not the only kid who ever had this fantasy, am I?). I got this Pretty Red Egg. It was wound to look like a giant egg. It was so soft. So pretty. So red. Hense the name. We aren't sure what it is, and I have yet to test it to make sure. An opinion that seemed to make everyone happy was a wool/mohair blend. It is soft. I just sat there all nite petting it. Then I started to carry it around the house, petting it. I would hold it in the crook of my arm, randomply rubbing it against my cheek. It was so soft. Then my dad said that I could no longer go outside with my Egg. It was scaring the neighbors. Bah, the neighbors don't even know me. If they did, then they would really be scared. Hehe. Just my luck that the one time I was sitting in my porch hammock, petting my Egg and I might have mummbled to it a little, I'm not admiting anything, someone had to see. I mean, I live next to an honset to god cat lady. I think her current number is 24. And they are worried about a little talking to my yarn? Which there is no evidence that I actualy did.
So now, my Pretty Red Egg is being turend into a Pretty Red Shawl. I still pet it. I still randomly rub it against my face. And I can still carry it around oustide, since I am knitting it! And I might still talk to it...But without photographic evidence, noone can prove anything!


At 1:38 AM MST, Blogger Kimberly said...

Oh my gosh! Too funny! I did the same thing with my Lang Opal-Color before I started to make a shawl with it....3 months later I am still making that shawl, but that is probably because I still spend more time petting it than I do working on it!

At 1:13 PM MST, Blogger Anastacia said...

Hi! I stumbled across your blog somewhere or another & just wanted to say hello. I love your red egg story. I'm so there with you. I've slept with yarn before because I was in love with it so much.


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