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Friday, September 23, 2005


Theoreticaly, it is fall. But then, whoever came up with seasons never visited southern AZ. We do have 4 seasons though: hot, really hot, OM-the-streets-are-melting-it-is-so-friggin'-hot, and wow-I-need-to-put-on-socks-and-find-a-jacket-to-wear-this-mornging-even-though-it-will-be-hot-this-afternoon.
I want to live somewhere that will give me incentives to knit sweaters and mittens and stuff. And by incentive, I mean more than between 9pm-7am when it get's a bit chilly.

Though, sitting in the computer lab waiting for my criminology class (I really hate my MWF schedule. 3 hour break! Not enough time to go home, but to much time to just hang out. There is only so much studdying I can do. So I post a rambling message on my blog. Well, as long as we all know what is going on. Hehe, I am still in the parenthasis.), they have turned up the A/C, and I am looking feeling in my toes. My nose is cold, and I think the only reason my alergies have quieted is becuase my sinuses are frozen.

So maybe it isn't fall/winter I need to knit sweaters for, but summer. Yes, I can see that. While it might be 91 degrees out according to the AZ Daily Star (probobly the only newspaper in the country that has a special section of Wild Fire updates), it is colder than a...well, this is a family blog...let's just say that the brass monkeies have gone outside and are hanging out on Alumni Hill. After all, if the school spent umpteenthougsands of dollars on that instead of finishing construction on other half finished buildings or hiring professors, someone should get some use out of it!


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