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Thursday, September 08, 2005


Katrina hit, though luckily, all my family back in LA are ok. They live just west of New Orleans, and though they got some rain, they were mostly unscathed.

But...ok, this is hard...Cassie's baby died. He, Andreu Carter Gonzalez, was still born last week. The funeral was yesterday. It was hard...
The relevant blog stuff...the blanket that was being made for him, Cassie wants me to finish. She wants me to donate it to some group or agency. His umbilical cord blood went to a baby in the Gulf somewhere, she has info on the baby, and it saved his life, so she is thankful for that. I have already taken booties and hats down to the premie unit at a local hospital, but I am not sure where to take the blanket when it is finished.

One vote has been Casa de los Ninos. That is an orphanage for kids who aren't in foster care.

Another has been Kino, and let them give it to a family who doesn't have anything.

St. Vincent de Paul, a church organizaion who does food and clothes and stuff for poor and homeless people.

So, I am working on the assumption that people actualy read my blog, and I am asking for the imput of other knitters and crocheters. Comment on what you think, what your favorite knitted charity, or your favorite charity in general. Not only will it help me decide who is going to get my nephews blanket, but it will also expand our knowledge of charities and such. There are so many out there, sometimes you don't know who to donate to, and learning others favorites can help spread the word.


At 7:32 AM MST, Blogger Teri S. said...

Oh, Cerridwen, I am so sorry to hear about Cassie's baby. That is so sad. Any of those charities sound good. Another possibility is to find a way to get the finished blanket to a child left homeless by Katrina. I have a hat and cardi that I was knitting for my sister-in-law's baby, but she lost the baby. I'll be donating those to the relief effort. I'm glad your family is alright.

At 6:39 PM MST, Blogger me myself and i said...

I am so sorry to read this. I also lost a child (my 2 year olds twin) so I know how painful this must be. Many thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
I would also suggest an organization that helps out Katrina victims. Also your local NICU would love something like that I am sure.


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