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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I got this from The Knitting Libran
I feel special that she wanted me to do this too :)

Ten years ago:
I was 12 years old. I think I was in 8th Grade and St. Joseph's Parochial School. I played basketball, track (I was still recovering from tearing my sholder the year before throwing the Shot Put). But I was 12, so there wasn't really much of interest in my life.

Five years ago:
I graduated from Amphitheater High School. Yay. Or, since it is September, I was planning to graduate the comming May. I got talked into playing tennis, and tore my ACL and Miniscus on my first match of the season (and was winning too!). Or was tennis later in the year? Ya, it was. The second simester. First simester, I played for my schools golf team.

One year ago:
I had learned to knit 3 years before, and was fast approaching obsession. I was elected to the Board of DIrectors for a local 501(c)3 organization. I was taking some good classes at school, and finished up most of my major requierments.

Five snacks:
Um....Red Vines, chocolate(but not to much), chips, sunflower seeds, granola bars

Five songs I know all the words to:
Umm...anything Inkubus/Sukkubus, most of Loreena McKennit(I totaly didn't spell that right), most of Clannad, The Lady's Brasle, Lord of the Dance

Five things I would do with $100 million:
Pay off my school loans. Pay off all my dad's debt. Buy my parents houses. Set up education trust funds for my neices and nephews. Go on that Knitting Tour of Ireland thing. Or maybe buy GreenPeace a nuclear warhead. I really think the environmental movement would be taken a lot more seriously if they were a nuclear power.

Five places to run away to:
Ireland. The Carabean(never been, but love scuba diving). The Great Barrier Reef. A deserted island somewhere. Morocco(never been, but always have wanted to go.)

Five things I would never wear:
Most of the stuff I see sorority girls at school wear. The shirt/dresses that look like a bathrobe. The shirt/dresses that look like langere. The Mud/Mugg/whatever boots in August in Tucson. A thong.

Five favorite TV shows:
Babylon 5, M*A*S*H, Farscape, Buck Rogers, Law & Order

Five biggest joys: My nephews (Braydon, Casper, Monkey Boy), my neices (Domonique, Brianna), my knitting, kayaking, books

Five favorite toys:
My knitting needles, my yarn, my knitting books, my knitting accessories, my kayak

Five people to pass this on to:
Oooh, I am going to have to think about that one. Though, anyone who feel like stealing it, mention in the comments, and I will add your name here. Yay, free advertising for your blog!


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