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Saturday, December 10, 2005


Did I meantion that Frapper is the coolest thing ever? I love that everyone is getting one, and that I have one and people can post on it! It's really cool to see how people all over the world read the same blog.

On an other note, I went to the 4th Ave Street Fair today. There is rarely anything I want to buy there, but they hold it twice a year, usualy all the same vendors, but it is nice to look, and get out of the house, and it was such a nice day today. Anyway, I was walking by the stupid PETA booth (they have been "stupid PETA" ever since they said that fish were intelligent sensitive creatures and we can't eat them anymore. I mean, come on!! They are fish). And they had a sticker with a sheep on it, and it said "I am not a sweater", and they had a brochure that said that wool is evil. I didn't look at it, and my dad didn't pick it up (I think he was scared about what I would do to him). I think stupid PETA has finaly gone to far. I mean, WOOL!?! And it was funny because it was kinda cold, and you know the people manning the booth were wearing wool of some sort. It was almost as funny as the guy who was getting people to sign a petition to outlaw smoking in public places, while smoking a cigarrette.

Tomorrow, off to peruse my land. My dad got some land passed down to him when he graduated from college, and he is giving it to me now that I have graduated. It isn't much, and there is nothing on it, but it is cool nonetheless.


At 2:17 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

I got a watch for my graduation. I want land!

PETA people really need a reality check.


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