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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The sock of international aclaim

This is my aunt Shelly (Dr. Shelly Rabinovitch of the Univeristy of Ottowa for thoes of you interested. She teaches religious studies and anthropology and has a couple of good books out. She will be in Toronto in a couple of weeks speaking at a conference. She refused to take me when my dad told her that the Yarn Harlot was in Toronto and he couldn't afford bail from a stalking charge really, if me and Sarah haven't been caught stalking Mark Newport, I don't think Ms. Pearl-McPhee has anything to worry about). SHe is the one who "tripped" me friday and derailed my knitting. Here she is looking at my sock with awe. Sitting next to her is a friend, Sylvia (originaly from Germany), look on with awe and wonder. Multi-continental aclaim for the sock!!

My dad didn't take a pic, but about 5 minutes later, SHelly took the sock and wore them on her head as a hat. Said with a little more knitting, she could take the socks and needles back home with her and use them as ear muffs. Not exactly what I was thinking of, but they would get some use out of them.

I need to get good at socks, because CJ (that's his house we're in) is in the hospital with pnemonia. So, I can knit him up a nice pair of warm socks and he can have them while he recovers.


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