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Monday, September 10, 2007

Quarter Life Crisis

Last week, I was all set to go back to my happy little village. The 2 day trip? Whatever. My house was at the end of it. As you can tell, I am still in the hell that is Kombo (after about 5 days, it is hell). Why? Well, I had a stomache ache Wensday. By that evening, the pain in my side was so bad, I couldn't breath. Now, I usualy have a large tolerance for pain. I tore my ACL and meniscus in high school. After 2 days finaly went to the doctors and when they asked if I would like anything for the pain my responce of "yes please" freaked my mother out so much she...well, freaked out. So when I say that this hurt, you can immagine. I dragged myself to the med office and layed on the couch until someone came in. I cried. It hurt. The doctor said he thought it was my glabladder. Most people ask "what the hell is a glabladder? What does it do?" But in my family, galbladder means...not good. My mother had her's out after years of probloms. No big, right? She's in her 50's. Bodies wear dowm. My older brother had his galbladder out when he was 25. How old am I going to be in November? 25. I couldn't knit for several days, which isn't helping my bad mood probobly should take this oppertunity to appologise to anyone I snapped at in the last week or so. Larium, Kombo, pain = not a good combination. I wonder what I am going to do when I can't blame the larium anymore? I should post some of the Larium Hiku's that were in the last newsletter if the author will let me. You probobly won't understand, but for me, they are HILARIOUS. SO I have been lying around reading cheesy romance novels. I have read all the Nora Robers/JD Robb (my favorites) so have finaly surcumbed to the harliquine, or whatever they are called. I can't beleive I just admited to that.
I want to be back before Rammadan starts, so hopefully will leave tomorrow or Wensday.


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