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Sunday, September 09, 2007


In November I am going to Ireland. My halfway mark/birthday trip. I am excited. Except I just looked at temeratures for November. Dublin low 4, high 10. Valentia low 7, high 12. Mullingar low 4, high 10. Cork low 4, high 11. So the averages around teh country range from 4 to 12. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?? THIRTY NINE DEGREES FAREINHEIGHT FOR A LOW!! FIFTY THREE FOR A HIGH!!! We have a low here, in the middle of the cold season that probobly doesn't drop to far below seventy. I will be going from temperatures in the 80's (which we consider cold. Who would have thought? But after a hot season where the temps get into the 120+'s, 80 is frigin freesing) to the 50's!!
I have no clothes for this anymore. I wear really light skirts. To hot to wear anything else. I wear tanktops. I do have a sweater and a light jacket. They are fine for here...oy, what was I thinking? I know I will have a great time. I may come back to Africa with a few fingers lost to frostbite, but I will have a great time.


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