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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It must be spring

I met my frist bumpster of the season today. I was walking to the office, and I pass a boy, who says to me "Hey, sexy lady. Do you want to kiss me?" My responce was, instead of the punch in the face, "no. you are ugly. go away."

He didn't. In the middle of the season, when you shoot them down, they leave. Plenty more tourists to whore themselves out to. But at the beginning and end, when pickings are slim, they are persistent. He followed me all the way to the PC office. I had my headphones on and ignored him, so unfortunetly don't have a list of his attempts to pick me up.

I got the clear to leave, so tomorrow will go to site. Probobly won't be back until after Ireland!


At 12:58 PM MST, Blogger Ingrid said...

Hi Cerridwen -
Glad you're able to update your internet blog here and there. I am so excited you're going to Ireland for your 25th birthday! :D I still have fond memories of when Johann and I went there with Mr. Bendt during the summer between my junior and senior year. AMAZING. I know you're going to LOVE it.

I accepted a position as a private science tutor. Already, my first mistake was charging too little per hour - $12. Most tutors charge between $15-$20. If I get more students, then I'll charge more. Until then, I'm just trying to put my ecology degree to good use. I'm tutoring this older gentleman in chemistry and basic astronomy. I think he will use me for the whole semester twice a week, so it's not bad. And I'm still at ASDB on the weekends.

Life is okay! :) I can't believe I'll be 25 in a couple of weeks...but...I think part of life is just trying to enjoy every age.

Keep posting when you can about life in Africa. Your posts always make me laugh.



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