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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Turning a heel...

I am half way through turning the heel on the first sock in a set they are for a present for someone, so don't ask any details until then are giften. Then I will post pics of them and give the yarn and all. And I really like the yarn too. You should use it, and though it is only the third heel I have turned, it is really easy. I don't understand why everyone says that turning the heel is so hard. In the previous socks, turning the heel was the only thing I did right. Well, after the last couple days, good to know something is going right!!

Giving blood tomorrow, so I shouldn't get all excited yet. Last time, they had a traniee do it, and do a bad job. Then the bandage they gave me wasn't latex free. Bad rash over my arm and elbow for far to long!!


At 2:13 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

You rock for giving blood.

Bah, hate it when they screw it up though. It has to be out of my right arm and I have to sit up, hate it when the nurses argue.

At 6:21 AM MST, Blogger Cerridwen said...

Exactly!! I mean, I know my body and how it reacts and how to deal with it. But "the book" says this, so it must be true. So last time, when they messed up and made me kinda sick, I said "hey, this is wrong, and here is how to fix it" they refused, because the book said something different. And you know what happened? I threw up on them!! Wouldn't have happeend if they had listened to me!!

Sigh...but it blood is desperatly needed, so every 8 weeks I am back there.

At 1:28 PM MST, Anonymous Ingrid said...

I hope to bring my sock yarn and needles for next Tuesday. I hope someone can show me how to turn a heel and just FREAKING LEARN HOW TO FINISH A SOCK.

There, better.


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