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Thursday, May 11, 2006

SAPC Update

The Souther Arizona Paddler's Club finaly updated their website. this is from the last clean-up. We just did another one a couple weeks ago. If you are curious, I am the forehead behind the pink shirt. My dad is the head and sholder next to me (between the pink shirt and the yellow shirt).

THis last one, I got some guys arrested, had their fishing permits taken, and their equipment confiscated. We clean up the lake twice a year. As Sarah and I were paddling by the shore, cleaning up, this guy and his son were fishing. And they threw their empty cans in the lake, right in frount of us. So, when the Forrest Service pontoon boat came by to take our trash bags and give us new ones, I told them. They went racing over (well, racing as fast as a pontoon boat can) and caught the guys. A lot of the paddler's were not thrilled, since they were comming over to give up their full bags. Then when they heard what happened, they were cool.
My dad got asked what he was doing, and he replied to some people fishing "community service". He told them that a "couple months ago, some jet ski's tried to run over my kid. So, since I did demolition in Desert Storm, I got some snorkle gear, some explosives and got 13 jet ski's and 9 speed boats before the Forrest Service caught me. My punishment is cleaning up the lake. Didn't you wonder why there were no more jet ski's on the lake?" actualy, the SAPC worked hard to get jet ski's and above water exhaust speed boats(I think that is what they are called. The really big ones that shouldn't be on such a small lake anyway) banned. We were very happy when it passed. He actualy got some people beleiving him. The president of the SAPC laughed when he heard.


At 11:58 PM MST, Blogger Rain said...

Cool pics. It's great that you get involved in such things and amazing how much you pulled out. Fishermen annoy the crap out of me when I kayaking, we used to have a real problem with them on my home river, they'd throw things at us to keep us away from frightening the fish.

At 10:09 AM MST, Blogger Samantha said...

I think its awesome that you all clean up the lake. I really detest people who litter in the lakes and think it'll just disappear or something. When hubby and I go paddling on the local rivers we always pick up any garbage we can as we pass it. And people wonder why Mother Nature is po'ed, eh?

Happy Knitting and Paddling!! :)


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