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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Knitting? What knitting?

Yes, I know. The last several post have had little or nothing to do with knitting. And since this is a knitting blog, I can understand your confusion. And guess what? This post is going to follow in the same vein. Sorry. I will post some pics of my knitting soon, though. So bear with me.

But, what I have been up to... have been keeping a pretty close eye on the news. The Romero Fire was mostly contained, and we were happy. Then the wind kicked up, and it has flared again. I think it is nearing 1000 acres burned. Not sure of the exact number though.
The Clark Fire near Pina Blanca Lake is getting pretty big. As is the 103 Fire in the Hauchuca Mountains. Sigh. To many fires. To little rain. It keeps threateing to rain. Then doesn't. And despite what you have heard, I am NOT the only person in Tucson who stands in their yarn yelling "TEASE!!" at the sky. Mostly there has been a lot of wind. Dust storms. Sigh...

Gas is gawd-awful expensive, so we haven't really been able to go up to any of the lakes up near Phoenix. And with the fires, we haven't wanted to go down to the lakes south of Tucson. And with so many dust storms, driving on the highways is kinda dangerous.

Knitting...well, mostly I have been working on the baby blanket. And my dad has been on me to knit some for the couch, so I have been working on some log cabin blankets for the couch with left overs.

That's about it. Hope everything is going well for everyone else.


At 2:52 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

I hope the weather and nature starts to behave itself for you.

Sounds like the knitting is quite productive although it sounds like you'd rather be kayaking.


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