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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

But it's a dry heat...

This past weekend, my dad, Lisa (a member of our coven) and I went to the Gypsy Caravan up at Usery Park in Mesa. Near enough to Phoenix to be...ewww. It was HOTT. It hasn't hit 100 here yet (bets for the Icebreak are mostly for this weekend though), but there it did quite some time ago. But it is ok, because we were smack in the middle of DESERT. The most beutiful scenery in the world. Now, I am totaly partial to Sunset Point out at Gates Pass (here in Tucson), but Usery Park is pretty to. So, Issue 1 of pics of the park. Lisa, the pics of you in compromising positions will be kept under lock and key until someone has paid high enough for them. Tell Tim opening bid is 1 skein of wool.

THis is Lisa, standing next to a barrel cactus. Lisa is about 5'4ish I think.

Here is a cute little baby Saguaro Cactus. It is about waist high on me. So that means it is probobly around my age.

Another Saguaro. That is my dad. He is leaning on a cactus that is roughly his age.

And here is a cactus that is older than he is. Pushing 100 probobly.

This is Lisa taking pictures, trying to be all artistic. actualy, she did take a few good ones There are a couple large Saguaros, and an Ocatillo. The saguaro in the frount had a cactus wren nesting in it.

Now, the mountains up there are not as pretty as the ones here in the Tucson Valley, but they are still nice.

THis is a cholla cactus. Most people call them Jumping Cactus.

Hehe, that's Lisa to. She nearly killed me when I took that ^_^

Hehe, Where's Waldo for the Sonoran Desert!

THat is a Palo Verde in bloom. In case you are curious, "palo verde" means "green tree", which, coincidently, it is. The bark is green, and that is what the tree uses for photosynthisis.

A Saguaro in bloom. Sort of. WHen they bloom, that is the New Year for the Tohotom O'Ohdam (I totaly spelled that wrong.)


At 11:34 PM MST, Blogger Rain said...

Wow, what an amazing landscape. Your pictures are really cool.


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