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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Spetember Primary

I just got my sample ballot for the upcoming primary. Now, I am a registered democrat, but when I flipped it to the replublican, here is what there was...

Pima County's motto for the County Clerk should be "Anyone but Noland". After September 11, 2001, she made the anouncment that any military reservist who is called up to active duty will be automaticaly fired. She refused to let one woman take the day off to take her daughter to the airport when she went to basic training. She refused to let another woman see her son off when he went to Iraq. She refused to let another woman off to go to her daughters weding. She won't let my dad have the day off to take me to the airport when I leave for the Peace Corps. She routinely yells and threatens and berates her employees, IN PUBLIC. She has, on several occasions, ordered the people in her office to BREAK FEDERAL LAW. And something even more woman is a life long republican. She is the kind of woman who thinks that the republican party can do no wrong. Some people in the office once had her convinced we were going to nuke the middle east, and her reaction was "if President Bush thinks that is a good idea, then I will support him 100%". She has since left the republican party and will never vote for them again. WHy? Becasue if they would keep Noland as a member, then there is something wrong with the party, and she can no longer in good consious support them. She will support them when they say that we need to torture people in Gitmo. She will support them when they say we need to nuke civilian targets. But she will not support them becasue of a little county clerk position!! That tells you how bad this woman is!! So, if you are in Pima County, vote ANYONE BUT NOLAND


At 5:44 PM MST, Blogger Teri S. said...

I think it's illegal to fire a reservist who is called up for duty. I certainly wouldn't want to work for her. I have about 12 people working for me and I would never, ever, treat them like she does. If I lived in your area, I'd vote against her.

When are you leaving for Africa?


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