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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mesa Adventure or: My visit to the Yarn Harlot

Yesterday, The Yarn Harlot was in Mesa, AZ on her book tour. So, I got off work early and drive up there. I assumed 2.5 hours would be enough, but didn't factor in cross town traffic. I also got lost when I got to Mesa, so I got there about 6:30, and the talk started at 6. I hate Phoenix, and my hatred is spilling over onto the suburbs of it. Afterwards, noone would let me over to get the exit that would take me to I-10, and I missed the Florence exit (need to take someone with me in the future to watch for exits while I try not to be killed by other drivers), and the next way to go south was in Globe, an hour out of my way. So m drive home was 3.5 hours. It's ok, though. She started a little late, and I was there for the rest of the talk. It was great!!

I was sitting behind a stand of yarn. On teh side I was looking at all nite was some really nice, expensive wool. Wish I could have afforded it.

She showed the sweater that she made for the Knitting Olympics. Very nice.

I used my dad's camera, since he has the ability to take 15 second vidios as well as stills. Unfortunetly, I have no idea how to load the vidios on my blog, if I could. I might be able to e-mail them if anyone wants. She is hilarious!!

It was a great day, finding out where/when I am leaving with the Peace Corps, and meeting Stephanie!! She knew me!!! She recognised my name when she signed my book!! And took my picture (which is on her blog!!! She took a pic of me holding the traveling sock!!! And put it on her blog!!!!)


At 8:06 PM MST, Blogger k is for krista said...

Last February my mother and I took our winter trip to Phoenix to visit an aunt and we thought it would be clever to rent a car. Yeah, real clever. Phoenix is indecipherable. We had road maps, the nice lady at Hertz gave us directions, we still ended up in an unsavory section looking like two completely helpless female tourists. Then we found out that Phoenix is all unsavory with a business section right in the middle. I can honestly say that I also hate driving in Phoenix!

At 3:24 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

It sounds liek a great night despite being a little late. She sounds really cool.

At 8:31 AM MST, Blogger Samantha said...

It sounds like a lot of fun. :) I live only about an hour from where the Yarn Harlot lives and buys yarn, but I have yet to meet her. I'm totally jealous!

To upload videos, get a photobucket account (it's free) and you can do it from there. Good luck! :)


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