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Monday, August 21, 2006

The end of an era...

Saturday, I took my Saturday Sky pictures Yes, Katie, this is a mostly weekley thing. The Satruday Sky ring is a bunch of blogs that put pics of their sky every Saturday. It's fun, and tried to upload them to my laptop with my cable. Now I remember why I put it in a box. My computer doesn't like it. It kept freezing when I pluged the cable in, and I finaly gave up and shut the computer down. Then I watched Chronicles of Narnia which is a really good movie, and went to turn my laptop back screen with one line: Opperating System Not Found". Crap. I haven't tried again. I don't know what I am going to tell my dad. He will freak out. The fact that the computer is really old. THe fact that it is a Compaq. The fact that it picked up a serious drug problom when I was at COttey we used to joke that our computers would go out into the suite at night and smoke meth together. Everyone's computers would mess up in Co-Thom. None of this will matter to him. He will yell about how I am leaving in 5 weeks, and now he will have to fix the computer, when he doesn't. He will yell about how the plastic on the cover is broken, when it has been like that for a while, in fact, the crack first appeared when I took it back after he had borrowed it. But he won't care or listen. Crap. I wonder if I can go 5 weeks without him knowing my computer is crapped out, and just use his? We'll find out. GOod thing he doesn't read my blog.

So, here is the Saturday Sky pics that caused all the probloms...

Saturday, before all this happened, I went to Howard's and got some yarn.

I have had the teal and blue for a while. I picked up the pink Saturday. They will be another Monk's Travel Satchel. THe teal will be the strap, the blue the bag and the pink the trim. I watnted something that would jump, and with the subdued blue, the pink will do that I think. I was thinking of doing the strap in a rib pattern, so it would stretch width, not length. But then decided I didn't want to do that. So instead, I am doing it in the seed stitch (I like the texture of seed stitch), but in a much smaller guage than it calls for. So a denser stitch will keep it from stretching to much.

On Sunday, I frogged the jacket.

Does anyone even remember the jacket anymore? Well, if you remember, for my birthday, I wanted all this yarn, and my loving family got it for me. So I cast on for a jacket that I wanted to make. THen after finishing more than half of it, reality struck me. When, exactly, did I think I would use an ankle length 100% wool jacket? What was I smoking when I came up with that plan? Especialy going to Africa? So it has been frogged, and I am going to make a shawl. I still love the yarn, and want to make something special with it. I just have to find the shawl pattern that is worthy of the yarn. I like squares and rectangles for shawls. I have never made a circular shawl, and there are some nice ones out there...any ideas?


At 11:38 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

Hope you get the computer sorted out. You should be able to reinstall the OS.

5 weeks! You must be so excited.

What a shame about how much you had to frog on the jacket, but better to decide now and use the yarn for something you really want.


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