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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Daisy blanket = finished kind of

I finished the embroiderey of the Daisey Blanket last nite. Which is good, because the baby was born on Sunday!! Sooooo excited. Mum called me an hour after the birth, from her hospital bed, to let me know that Josephine Marie had come into the world, so I could "stop worrying". I wasn't worrying!! She had mentioned that the doctor said she might come late, and I was curious!! She ended up comming a bit early.

I need to decide if I am going to put fringe on it. Wash it. Put in in the mail. Well, get the new addy daddy's in the Army and they recently were transfered to Texas


At 3:06 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

It's absolutely beautiful. A fringe would set it off, but I worry about things that little hands like to stuff into little mouths.

It's so pretty and such a pretty name for the little one too.

At 9:08 AM MST, Blogger ambermoggie said...

gorgeous and to me doesn't need a fringe

At 12:37 PM MST, Blogger Teri S. said...

What a beautiful blanket, Cerridwen. I agree with ambermoggie, it doesn't need a fringe. You did a fabulous job! And congrats to the new parents!


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