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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I was looking at my sidebar (because I am done with my second day of my last simester of college and yet to really do anthing in class, so a 50 minute class ends in 20 and I have huge stretches...and I am rabling. Suffice it to say, I have no life) and noticed my "list" of Works In Progress. And I realised that is it a joke. It says that I have 7 projects. Tripple that, and you might have a closer count. But then I wondered, projects that you have no intention of ever finishing, do they count in your count? I mean, I have this blanket, and theoreticaly it would be a nice one. It is done in squares, then they are sewn together. When I started it years ago, I thought it was a good idea. Then I got board with it. I have maybe 5 squares of it done. I will never finish it. I realise it, even to teh point that the acrylic yarn that I bought for it (ah, back in my early knitting days, when all I used was acrylic. Memories) has been confiscated by other projects. Two skeins, one of dark blue and one of a lighter blue, have gone to nephew hats, which arn't on the sidebar. I have one mitten and one slipper, and I will probobly never make a second. I have half a backpack that I was making for my neice. When do you finaly let go? When do you say "enough is enough. I will never finish these. Let's frog them. Or just throw them away. They are made out of cheap acrylic that I will never use for another projects. I don't remember what size or pattern or needles I was using. Why do I insist on hangin on?"

And how many true WIPs are to many? The ones that you do actualy knit on. The ones that you will finish someday. The ones that the only reason they are not completed now is because you started something else.

Yes, I am a fickley knitter. Monogomy is not my strong suite. My knitting understands this. Unfortunetly, my kayaks don't.


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