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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Monkey Boy

This is my nephew, Jamesen Noah Johnson. Or, as I like to call him, Monkey Boy. Up close, he kinda looks like a monkey, you know, the kind they used to use in psych expirements.

Monkey Boy Posted by Picasa

I knit him a blanket, a pair of booties, and a hat.

Monkey Boy Posted by Picasa

Actualy, I knit him two hats. The one that actualy fits him is in the wash, so this is the one that he will grow in to.

Monkey Boy Posted by Picasa

Well, actualy, he will have to grow into everything except the blanket. The booties are still a bit big also.

Monkey Boy Posted by Picasa

But since it is 100+ out, then it is ok that nothing fits. By the time it gets cold enough out for him to need a hat or booties, he will have grown enough for them to fit him conftorbly.

And here is another one of the two of us, since he is a really cute baby.

Me&Monkey Boy Posted by Picasa


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At 6:40 PM MST, Blogger Teri S. said...

Beautiful work, Cerridwen! Monkey Boy is one lucky baby to have you for an aunt! My sis-in-law is due in Feb/March, so a blanket and maybe some booties are going to be in the works real soon. Unfortunately, it's going to compete with the Christmas knitting.


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