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Monday, December 26, 2005

Hi. You suck!

I went to that link, "How much is your blog worth", basicaly because I was board, and everyone else has done it, and...anyway, guess how much my blog is worth? Come on, guess...nothing, zip, nada. No, I am not putting the button on that says that my blog is worthless. That just makes me sad. And I know, for the three readers I have out there (though it shouldn't really suprise me that my blog isn't worth much. My parents don't even read this. How sad is that? None of my friends do either! Not even the knitters!) that it comes as a complete shock!

Oh well. I am knitting a shawl that will remain nameless. Why? Because I have frogged this thing so many times, I was considering keeping a tally bar for it. But that would depress me. I started it on the plane to Philly this summer, and never got very far. And I knit it in Philly, which for some reason impressed all the girls doing the re-enactment at Hagley because I was "really good", and had to frogg it nearly every day. Then on the plane home, but just got sick of it and put it aside. Then Shea borrowed the book with the pattern, and I finaly got it back when she came for Yule. So, now I am pretty far along, though I had to frogg it 3 more times. We won't discuss how far along, or what the pattern is, or any of hte details, until it is done. I am not jinxing it. Though, the Universe should not take the above comment of being "pretty far along" as bragging, or any other such pride that might cause me to mess up again and be forced to frogg it. Really. There is no pride in my knitting. Just quiet (and not so quiet) depseration.

I love reading blogs from overseas! How much of a dork am I that this causes me much joy? I want to find more knitting blogs from overseas, and read them every day! It makes me feel cultured and cosmoplitan, even though the truth is that I am a complete dork. Though, I need to keep them in English. I have one from Norway that is sometimes in English and sometimes Norweagan, and it is hard. I can figure out some of it from my German background (wow, who thought that knitting would be the reason I pick up German again?), though Norweigan and German aren't really all that close, but I can suffer out some stuff, and online translator programs for the rest. But other than German, my language skills include English (American), bad English (American), and really bad Latin (though, if I would actualy read Latin anymore, it wouldn't be that bad. I was actualy pretty good for a while. Good enough to turn a nice little story about Cupid and Psyche into a really bad porn. Ah, good times. Never give a bunch of college kids a story that can be ambigiously translated). Though I doubt the Latin would help me much in the blog-o-sphere, unless Julius Ceasar decided to start writing a blog...I can see that
"Today I was waiting for my legions to take Brittania. So boring. But I picked up some nice spun wool from the local peasnats. I think I will make a new set of stockings, it gets cold here, and my leagons are totaly incometant. I mean, how friggin hard is it to utterly subjegate an itty bitty island? At this rate, it will never get done. But as long as we are here, I can get some good knitting time in. Then while I may not return to Rome victorious, at least the Senate will be in utter envy of my fiberous aquisitions! As soon as I can get some craftsman to invent a digital camera, I will post pics!"


At 3:09 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

Oh dear, you're making my dog bark because i'm laughing out loud.

Some stuff just doesn't want to be made, but keep at it, you'll get there eventually.

My blog was worth zilch too a few weeks ago. I joined some rings and boom. I hate these internet things that tell you you're crap, but I always get suckered into doing them.


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