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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Weekend SEX

The fiberous acquisition kind. On Saturday I went to the Purl's End of the Year Sale, and got some wool for a shawl that I am makeing. It is nice stuff...Baby Ull Dalegarn, 100% wool in a light brown color. I love getting yarn that is written in a language that I can't read!! I will totaly post pics of the yarn later.

On another note, the shawl that will remain nameless is nearly about to start the second skein. Keep your fingers and toes crossed. I did mess up on in a little, but I think I fixed it without the need for frogging. We will see...


At 2:11 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

Happy New Year! I hope it's a good one.

I also hope you get that shawl finished soon.


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