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Sunday, March 05, 2006

More Shamless Promotion...or OMG Did You See What She Did?!!?

I got this e-mail on this knitting list that I belong to...

A little shameless self-promotion, as I have to share with people who might understand:

I finished my "Two socks at once" or parlour-trick socks (two socks, knitted at one time, on one set of needles) last night!

You can see pictures either at my blog (below) or in the Photo section of the Yahoo double-knitting group:


OMG that is amazing!!! I am in total awe!!!

Oh, ya, and being tagged
4 jobs or places of work
-My Pet Counts, a pet store/gromming parlor. OMG it was horrible!! Psycho boss!!
-Peter Piper Pizza. Children + sugar - parental supervision = hoards of locusts
-Cottey College Food Service. I actualy liked this job. Two years in the kitchen while I attended the school.
-umm...random other stuff

4 movies I'd watch over and over again
-The Mummy. I don't know why, but it is just a good movie.
-The Wickerman. Great movie!! One of my favorites!!
-Babylon 5. I know it is not a movie, but it is a great show!
-umm...I can't think of a 4th

4 places where I have lived
-Tucson, AZ. Born and raised
-Nevada, MO. 2 years attending college.
-by this time next year, Africa.
-notice how the 4th answer is giving me trouble...

4 shows I like
-Babylon 5
-Crossing Jordan
-Without a Trace
-Criminal Minds
(hehe, I got 4!!)

4 websites I visit everyday
-the ones on my sidebar
-Jack (
-Oh My Gods! (
-Sinfest (
ummm.... thoes last 3 aren't really every day, more whenever they update

4 places I've been to for holiday
-Germany. I spent a month all over, doing an exchange program then traveling.
-British Isles. I went there over a summer with some friends. We landed on the west coast of Ireland, traveled across the country, took a fary to Wales, traveled across there, up into England, and ended up in London. Then they all went home, and I went to Thetford to visit family, and spent a couple weeks there and we traveled more.
-Philladelphia. I went to visit a friend from Cottey. She actualy lived in Newark, and we traveled all over the area, sightseeing and stuff.
-Texas. When I was little I visited some friends in Dallas (I think).

4 favorite dishes
-Spagetti. I could eat that every day, 3 meals a day. MMMM...
-deviled eggs. but they have to be Happy Chicken Eggs.
-twice baked potatoes. My dad makes the best.
-Pasole. MMM....

4 places I'd rather be know, I am pretty content.
Though, I did one of these tags once before, and one of the questions was "5 places you would run away to" and I said the Carribean. The funny thing is, I was supposed to be sent there with the Peace Corps in September. Now I am supposed to be going to Africa in June.

4 bloggers to answer the questions next
whoever wants to. I am not sure how many bloggers read this, or how many haven't done it.


At 2:11 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

Africa sounds amazing, do you know which part you are going to? A friend of mine spent a year in Uganda teaching and loved it.


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