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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the shawl

It is finished. Done. Completed. Sort of. It is blocking. It is so big, it is taking up the living room floor. I have a rain fly layed down, and a sheet over that, then the shawl, then another sheet. I usualy use the full emersion method of blocking, but I figured, since this is so big, I would pin it first, then soak it. Bad idea, that took FOREVAH!!

But, here are the eagerly awaited pics of The Irish Diamond Shawl

A close up of the pattern. The pattern on the right side of the screen is the majority pattern, then you get that row of holes, and the pattern changes to what you see on the left side. That goes for the last bit.

Here is along the edges that come down from the neck. The bottom(ouside) edge called for 12 rows of garter stitch, but I got board and only did 6. I think it looks ok.

And incase any of you are wondering why it was such an undertaking, here is a pic of size...thoes are 2 yardsticks. That is 6 feet!!!

Oh, and for thoes of you wondering...Butterfly 100% cotton. The rest of the label is written in Greek, which I can't read, sorry.

I was asked how long the shawl took me... Unfortunetly, I am not completly sure. The first time I cast it on was on a plane going to visit a friend in PA, but I kept frogging it. When I finaly cast it on and did it...well, I think I put it aside for a while, then got back to it...I am fickle with my knitting...Let's say if we condense it or 4 months? Maybe more? Maybe less? Or if we count from when I started and frogged and started and frogged...a year in June.

you know, there is supposed to be a way to reply to comments, but I have never figured it out...sorry, you will just have to keep re-reading the same posts, looking for new information...


At 4:38 PM MST, Blogger itslikearuin said...

Hi, got the link from punk_knitters, that is a really beautiful shawl, must have taken you a looooong time?

At 7:07 PM MST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! My mom did a Kiri shawl and it about killed her. I'm still back with a little sweater...
anyways, I saw your link on the Peace Corps List. -Caro

At 1:37 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

Wow. It's stunning. I'm in awe.

You must be so pleased to have it finished. I had no idea it was so big.

At 7:11 PM MST, Blogger Teri S. said...

Congratulations on finishing the shawl! It's absolutely gorgeous, Cerridwen. I'm very impressed. So, what's next? Enquiring minds want to know!


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