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Friday, March 03, 2006

Shamless self promotion...

Remember how I said I liked shamless self promotion? It shows confidence, and a total lack of giving a damn what others think. Well, I got this from one of my favorite self-promoters...

If you get a minute, check out my blog this coming Sunday…Maybe you can ask your readers to hop on over to and vote!!

Here’s a preview:

Cast Your Vote:
Which of these will win the Oscar for Best Picture?

Berocco Mountain - A touching love story about a strong worsted weight yarn named Suede who falls for Lavish, a fanciful eyelash, who just wants to ride along with Suede into the sunset.

Good Knit and Good Luck - A crisply paced docudrama in which a seasoned TV reporter takes on the conservative crochet movement of the 1950's, attempting to help a group of knitter who are blacklisted when they refuse to make poodle-covered gin bottles and toilet paper cozies.

Clapotis - A riveting drama about an avant-garde author who travels to the Midwest, wraps himself up in a little French shawl and quickly reveals everyone's biases.

Stash - A moving morality piece set in L.A. that asks the question: can leftover skeins of acrylic and remnant wool all live together in a world without their labels?

Muknitch - All hell breaks lose in this action packed thriller as knitters are taken hostage by the Harlot’s Olympic challenge.

And the Oscar goes to....


So, totaly go check out the blog...I am as soon as I update this!


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