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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Putting my foot down.

This sluttyness has got to end. Is "sluttyness" even a word? Oh well, it is now I mean, we all know that monogomy isn't really my strong suit, but really!! These wild affairs with wool, the cheap flings with is just wearing me out! I think that I need to figure out something new. Maybe just focusing on a serious relationship with 2 or 3 projects. When one is finished, then I can turn my sights onto something new. Something exotic. But as it is, with a different project in every room, some sharing space...well, it is just causing resentment and hurt feelings. My jacket knows I love it, but when it gets put aside for a new wool shawl, and so close to finishing a excuse of "I love you enough to want to do you right" just doesn't sound...well, re-reading that sentence, nothing will make it sound OK. So I am putting my foot down. I will have a serious relationship with 3 projects...the bag, the vest, and the jacket. Nono, I need to get that blanket done for Beeper's baby. So 4 projects. Wait, I have already cast on for the Sampler Shawl, so 5 projects. But that is it. I am going to have a talk with my stash, and let them know that their attempts at seduction will no longer work! I love my WIPs, and I need to fucus on us now. Rebuild thoes relationships. Repair the bonds that have been broken by meaningless affairs. Really, they didn't mean anything. They just reinforced where I would rather be, at home, knitting on that beutiful wool, watching it grow.


At 2:10 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

I feel your pain. I must get myself sorted to get things finished too. New projects are just way more exciting.


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