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Thursday, March 09, 2006


So, I just got back from the dentist. Ewwww...but, all but one of my doctors have filled out my paperwork. One more lab visit in the morning and one more doctors appointment that I have to get, and I am done seeing people, just have to wait for test results. Why? You ask?

Well, I have been nominated for "Health Education". Basicaly, I get to go to Africa, and teach people how not to get HIV. I am very excited. I have no idea where in Africa yet. I won't know the details of that until I get my official invitation, which I won't get until all my medical stuff is finished. But as soon as I know, I will post.

Anyway, since I know so many of you doubt my self control, it has been 2 days since I cast on for a new project. I am keeping to my "5 project" rule. Actualy, I am only really knitting on 2 at the moment: my bad and the blanket (oh, ya, Brett, Beeper, you need to have a girl. The blanket is totaly for a future Cottey student. Just an FYI), so *ppffftttt* to all of you who doubted me!! ok, 2 days isn't really that much, but you have no idea what kind of psycho running around and stress I have been doing, and to not have a new stress releife project.... Well, stupid government burocracy, so you probobly get it.

On my jacket though, I have decided, after much colaberatin, to bind off the 10 extera stitches in the middle, and do the reverse shaping as Rain explained it to me. She is my hero. Everytime I have a question, she totaly finds a way to make it work. The whole Russian Join thing? Brilliant!! And you can see the results in the Irish Diamond Shawl. And she always makes comments on my blog, making me feel special and popular.

SFSE situation...well, I replied to their hate spam, and they haven't replied to my reply yet, so I wonder...I should really check to see if our Yahoo group is still in existance...Yep, still there. Though, the details section of the group has been edited, and the editing doesn't seem to take...Well, we will see what happens by tomorrow...
Though, on the off chance that something happens, I have downloaded all the members e-mails, so if we do get deleted, we will be able to start again.
Rain said it best (see, she has something for everything!!! Pity I didn't know her when I was over in England, I bet she is a great person to know in person) "The nerve of these people. They just don't 'get it' at all. What idiots." And they don't get it. They have alienated their clientell...Sigh...

Tomorrow, to BDB with Kinky Ingy, then Saturday, to Howard's and BDB with Gabby. Gabby and I were supposed to go today, but with me running around to the dentist, and to my GP and to....oy, and her having a double at the cancer center, neither of us felt like it. So Sat.


At 3:35 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

You're making me blush.

Glad the jacket is going ok now. There's nothing worse than patterns that don't make sense.

I am so excited for you going to Africa. That seriously rocks.


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