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Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring has Sprung...

Actualy, Spring Sprang quite some time ago. The landlord was over this morning, getting our coolers ready. It hasn't gotten hotter than the mid-80's, and mostly in the low-to-mid-70's, but this is Tucson, and that can change in the blink of an eye. Anyway, the "poem" goes...
Spring has sprung
Fall has fell
Now that it's Summer
It's hotter than hell

Don't know if everyone knows that, but it is almost a mantra here. Soon...See, in Tucson, we do have 4 seasons. I know, people back East wouldn't recognise them, but we do. There is "Wow, I need a sweater in the morning, but will be in a tank top by lunch" aka "winter"; there is "it's nice out" aka "fall"; then there is "oh dear, I have a 2nd degree sunburn. Oh well" aka "spring" and finaly there is "holy shit, I think I just had a heat induced hallucination. Wow, look, the streets have melted and my shoes are stuck in the asphalt" or "summer".
But since everyone else is posting pics of spring, I figured I would distract you from the lack of finished projects jump on the bandwagon.
When the saquaros are in bloom, I will take some pics of thoes. Maybe in a couple of weeks, when Shea comes, we will go out to Sunset Point, and I will post pics of the sunset (when you see thoes, you will understand why we put up with the heat, the drouts, everything else). Oh, and Mt. Lemmon. We will be going up there too for a friends weding. Without further ramblings...

Here is our honey-suckle that we planted outside our frount door. My dad is trying to train it to climb the poles. If you look at the new shoots, you will see that it doesn't like that idea, and would rather come in the house. The plant on the right as you come out the door is sending shoots to the door. The one on the left is sending them to a window next to the door. When they bloom, it is pretty. We save the flowers, so we can make honeysuckel wine.

My plum tree. Isn't it all pretty in it's nakedness?

A.close-up of the pretty flowers that will turn into plums. This will be the tree's second year with us. Last year, it produced about half a dozen little plums, which we didn't think it would do. But the birds got to them first. SO this year, we are going to get one of thoes bird nets to cover the tree with.

The rest of the stuff around the plum tree. Now, we only planted the rosemary in the back, and the flowers(we put them in thoes green things last weekend to try and train them, and make it easier to weed around them). But if you look along the left side of the pic, you will see at least 4 different plants that we have no idea what they are or how they got there. One is some kind of succulent. I think there might be some mint. And maybe some other kind of herb. No idea though. THey just showed up one day. We were out there, and there was this little patch of something. Then a few days later, something else. We're letting them grow. Partly because we are curious, and partly because we are to lazy to pull them out.

So, sping, and blooms, and plants. Are you reasonably distracted?
Not yet? Ok, here is OScar. This is his "you came into the bedroom. Are you going to pet me?" face.

This is his "why are you taking pictures and not petting me?" face

And this is him being cute and asleep. How I like him the best...anoying little SOB. Thinks he's so cute...

Ya, ya, he is, I know...He is also a Hand pet him, he will love you forever. He goes to teh vet, and they stick a needle in his stomache, and he doesn't even notice, because someone was petting him at the time. The vet loved him. Mostly because he has no idea that his claws and teeth can be used as weapons. Stupid cat. really. he is brain damaged. Has little short term memory. Get's his butt kicked by the bunny all the time


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